Customise your beloved pickup following these unique tips

  • Ogos 16, 2018

Pickups are not just meant for the utility purpose, many individuals prefer to drive a heavy duty vehicle to express their personality. Your pickup symbolises who you are and what kind of life do you lead. Generally, pickups are equipped with most of the standard elements required by the customers. However, if you want a little more personalization than what your original vehicle is manufactured with, you can customize it in a lot of ways.

customised pickup truck

A great way to make a pickup stand out is to upgrade its parts, although some of these upgrades can become pretty expensive. So, do you want to give your pickups a different look that it becomes a talking point of everyone in the town? Here are some of the ways listed: -

Select a body kit

The first step towards customising your pickup is to select a body kit. Body kits help to modify the shape of the pickup so it stands out in the crowd. You can select gentle modifications or peculiar, uncanny to make your pickup look different from others. The body kits can be just ground effects or front and rear bumper cover replacements, or they can also be new fenders and other panels to completely renovate the getup of the pickup.

Lower the suspension of your pickup

pickup truck with lower suspension

One of the popular modifications for your pickup is to change your ride height. pickups are normally lowered to improve traction, stiffen steering and suspension travel, and progress appearance. Transform your pickup to a low rider by installing suspension that drops your pickup close to the ground. Though the lowered suspension unit will give a sporty stance, it will do hamper the off-roading capability of the pickup. The least expensive option you can use is just to lower the springs instead of buying a full coil-over kit. Even the least costly option will improve the handling of your pickups and make the ride firm. You can also get your pickups lifted by installing oversized wheels. You should get your wheels aligned.

Replace the wheels and tires

customised wheels

Install good quality wheels and tires. Changing your wheels and tires are a statement that not only enhances the look of your vehicle but also alters the way your pickup works. Low-quality tires can augment your control and steering while taller tires can help in off-road traction. Modifying the combination of rim size and tire profile will change your ride height, and can amend your speedometer accuracy. You should choose a wheel that suits your desired competed appearance. The most used choices are chrome wheels, aluminium alloy painted alloy wheels. Opt for a tire that matches your new rims.


customised headlights

You can change the dull stock lights of your pickups into something truly amazing. Choose a light bulb conversion kit, and you can make your headlights colourful with different coloured lights of yellow, purple, blue or white. You can also lighten up the nameplate of your vehicle. You can find these kits at several marketplaces, both online and offline. Just follow these tips and notice the transformation of your pickups.

Replace the grille

customised grille

One of the major factors that determine the overall appearance of your pickups is the front grille. A vigilantly selected front grille can add lots and lots of masculinity to your pickups. In addition to making your pickups look better than before, the grille does something else too. Some front grilles have light support that will scale the effectiveness of your pickups and off-road lighting. You have a lot of options to choose from but always go with a renowned and trustworthy product that makes one exclusively for your treasured pickup.

Although we have listed some of the most common ways of modifying your pickup but, it depends on which parameter you want your pickup to be upgraded or modified. The way your pickup performs and looks are best ways to tailor your pickup to suit your needs and if you want a complete transformation, these methods will definitely attract you. Call some expert mechanics to give your pickup an inspection, since this is what matters the most.


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