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Honda EX5 Fi - Is it worth the RM 5,150 tag?

Honda EX5 Fi - Is it worth the RM 5,150 tag?

The Honda EX5-Fi is one of the most easily recognizable bikes plying the country’s roads today. It would be small praise to say that this bike has a legendary status in the country. More than 2 million of these have been sold in Malaysia since its launch in 1987. And yet there is no slump in its demand.

Honda EX5 Fi

Such is the promise of this diminutive moped, that it easily trumps the seemingly more value for money that comes with the Modenas Kriss MR1, SYM Bonus 110 SR and Honda’s own Wave Alpha. All of these bikes look more modern and are much cheaper than the EX5. So is this bike – which is older than many of its riders – really worth its sizable price tag?

Let’s find out.

For around RM 4800, the EX5 will come equipped with spoke wheels and kick start only. For Rm 5150, it comes with alloy wheels and electric starter. None of these however, will hide the fact that the EX5 looks like something from the pages of history. There isn’t even the slightest amount of aggression present in the design. Instead Honda wanted to make a friendly design and hit the nail squarely on the head. For whatever reason Honda have stuck with the design even today. Not that it’s a bad thing in any way. The EX5’s design is a classic in its own right. The almost straight front apron, the sensible flat seat and the utilitarian approach to everything else sets it apart. It has a silhouette that is easily recognized. Honda has recently celebrated the bike’s 30th anniversary by bringing in a few cosmetic changes to the design.

Honda EX5 Fi  front

The headlight cluster with integrated indicators has been redesigned and now shares space with a chrome emblem on the apron. The exhaust also gets chrome treatment. The 5 spoke alloy wheels on the pricier variant brings the design even more up to date. These small yet tasteful improvements to the design make the bike look mature and restrained, but no different from what it is. Honda is taking no chances with the design here and for good reason. This design may be old but has a timeless charm of its own.

Honda EX5 Fi  side

The Honda EX5 Fi can be considered to be an exercise in extreme practicality. There is very little here that is unnecessary. The seat is flat and long so that the rider can move around as much as they need. The rear suspension can be adjusted for the number of riders sitting on the bike. The seat is low enough to accommodate most riders. Both versions of the bike weighing under a 100 kg making them very easy to drive and also easy on fuel consumption. Speaking of fuel consumption, the EX5 uses a 109.7 cc fuel injected and air cooled engine that produces 8.35 hp and 8.4 nm of torque. While the power output figure might not seem to be the most encouraging, it is very much within the range of what its competition produces. Being a Honda this engine is more reliable than a Swiss watch. This engine has proven time and again that it can come out smiling from the harshest of punishments meted out to it. In this guise it also delivers 58.3 km/L which automatically give it the status of an energy efficient vehicle. With a 4.3 L fuel tank this means that the bike will run for over 220 km before needing another fuel fil up.

Honda EX5 Fi  rear

All nice and good, but the question of the price tag still remains. Do these features and qualities justify its price tag of RM 5150? The Wave Alpha that shares space with the EX5 in Honda’s stable will set you back by RM 4278. This is for the version with alloy wheels, sub 100 kg dry weight, disc brake on the front wheel, tubeless tires, same engine and arguably better if equally stale design. The difference of prices between the two is almost RM 900 which is a lot of money by most measures. Frankly buying the Wave is a no brainer. If practicality is the only reason guiding your decision, the Wave is obviously the more practical option here.

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Honda EX5 RM 4,859 - RM 5,404 EMI starts : RM 50

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