Honda Wave Dash: Features explained

Honda Wave Dash: Features explained

Honda is among the top two-wheeler companies in Malaysia. It has products ranging from small monkey to litre-class sports bikes. Honda is also in the leading pack when it comes to the underbone segment. It has a slew of underbone products like the Honda Wave Alpha, Honda Wave 125i, etc. Honda Dash is a popular underbone or CUB type two-wheeler. It was first introduced in the local market in 2011. For 2018, Honda updated the Dash and brought in two new variants - ‘S’ and ‘R’. The latest ‘R’ model is also called as the Honda Wave Dash. So, what all new features does it have? Read on to find out.

Honda Wave Dash

New headlight

In terms of looks, the Honda Wave Dash is no doubt an underbone vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean it has to look boring and less appealing than any other Honda product out there in the market. Honda made sure that even with an underbone platform, the Wave Dash gets some new styling elements that would help it stand out from the crowd.

Honda Wave Dash headlight

The headlight of the Honda Wave Dash is quite attractive. Not only its design a bit modern, but it has also been upgraded to an LED unit. Now it provides a better illumination of what’s ahead.

Stylish leg protector

Along with the rear cowl, it is the leg protector that is clearly visible when you’re admiring the Wave Dash from the side. Honda has made the leg protector very stylish by using a very striking set of graphics. They indicate the capacity of the engine and also has an ‘R’ which tells the people that this is not the usual Honda Dash.

Modern meter panel

Honda Wave Dash meter panel

The Honda Wave Dash not only carries a modern appearance when you’re looking at it from a distance, but it also looks and feels modern when you’re astride it. This is because of its stylish and updated meter panel. It really looks cool and is one of the top features of the vehicle. Even though it is not a fully digital unit, Honda still managed to keep it attractive. It has a speedometer at the centre accompanied by two other meters on either side that shows information like a fuel gauge and other telltale signs.

Peppy engine

Honda Wave Dash side

Talking about the Honda Wave Dash specs, this underbone two-wheeler is powered by a 124.89cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, two-valve engine that has been tuned to produce 9.85 hp at 8000 rpm and generates a peak torque of 9.54 at 6500 rpm. The transmission is a 4-speed automatic unit. The engine seems to be quite peppy and the fact that the entire vehicle weighs just 103 kg (wet), riding it around the city becomes a fun task.

Rear disc brake

The braking system of the Wave Dash is quite impressive. Honda has incorporated disc brakes not only at the front but at the rear as well. This enhances the braking capabilities of the CUB and gives a sense of confidence to the rider.

Honda Wave Dash wheels

Exciting color options

In order to lure in as many customers as possible, apart from providing new graphics, Honda also included some really exciting colors. The Wave Dash color options that are available in Malaysia include Pearl Magellanic Black, Vivacity Red, and Pearl Nightfall Blue. And for the MotoGP fans, there is also a REPSOL edition that brings in race livery. It is really attractive to look.

The Wave Dash is one of the best underbone-type motorcycles that you can purchase right now in Malaysia. It comes with a peppy engine, has good and attractive looks, and even has a REPSOL race livery. The Wave Dash price for the Malaysian market has been set at RM 6,299 for the normal colours. You would need to pay RM 6,499 if you want to get the REPSOL edition.

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