Updated Honda Wave 125i: Key changes explained

Updated Honda Wave 125i: Key changes explained

Honda is one of the largest manufacturers of CUB motorcycles in the country. There is a reason why we spot many Honda CUB motorcycles on the roads. Honda has got a good range of products in this segment. And the fact that the CUB motorcycles have become an integral part of the Malaysians, this segment is going to only grow in the future. That’s why most of the two-wheeler manufacturers are showing great interest in the underbone bikes. Honda is also very interested in this and that’s why it has got a total of six products to offer. And out of those six CUB bikes, Honda Wave 125i is quite popular. Taking this into account, Honda recently launched 2019 Wave 125i that gets some new features. Let’s see what they are.


LED headlight

This is one of the biggest changes that Honda has implemented in the 2019 Honda Wave 125i. LED lights are trending and so are the CUB motorcycles. So, why let these vehicles be left behind? For the 2019 model, we will get a LED headlight.

This is a welcoming feature because not only it makes the motorcycle look cooler, it also provides a better performance than the conventional halogen counterpart. It means that the illumination that you are going to get from an LED headlight will be far greater than a halogen bulb. Consequently, you are going to have a clearer view of what’s ahead in the dark. Another good advantage of having an LED headlight is a better safety. With more illumination not only you can see clearly what is in front of you, but the others can spot you as well.

LED bulbs are also very efficient. They perform unconditionally and utilize only a tiny bit of battery power of your vehicle. Thus, the give less load to the battery thereby increasing the battery’s life.

2019 Wave 125i side

Increased under-seat storage

The underbone motorcycles are designed to last quite long and they are also very practical. This is why there is a storage compartment under the seat where you can store and lock your belongings. The new 2019 Honda Wave 125i specs show that the under-seat storage in the new model has been increased to 18 litres. This is pretty amazing. Now, you can store a lot more than before.

Larger 4-litre fuel tank

The new Wave 125i also gets a larger fuel tank. It can now hold 4 litres of fuel. Honda says that with a full tank, you can have an estimated range of around 300 km. This would be an advantage for people who need to travel long distances on their underbone motorcycles. Even in normal city usage, fill up the tank once and you are good for 300 km. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

2019 Wave 125i styling

Amber meter design

Honda Wave 125i has got a good instrument console design. With the new model, you get an amber meter design which will supposedly enhance the legibility of the information. You would be able to see the readings and digits much clearly because of the use of amber.

Dual tone body color

With the introduction of the new model, Honda also brought new dual tone colors to do justice to the aesthetics of the bike. The 2019 Wave 125i is available in Pearl Magellanic Black with Candy Scintillate Red, Pearl Magellanic Black with Pearl Nightfall Blue and Force Silver Metallic.

2019 Wave 125i color options

These were the added features that you will get with the new 2019 Honda Wave 125i. The rest of the product remains untouched. It is powered by the same 125 cc, single-cylinder engine that produces 9.2 hp at 7500 rpm and generates a peak torque of 10.2 Nm at 5500 rpm.

The Honda Wave 125i variants include two options - single disc model and dual disc model. As the name suggests, the former comes with a disc brake only at the front whereas the latter gets disc brakes on both the wheels. The Honda Wave 125i price for the single disc variant is RM 5,999 and the dual disc model will set you back by RM 6,299.

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