Lee Chong Wei Cars: The Badminton King

Lee Chong Wei Cars: The Badminton King

Lee Chong Wei is currently Malaysia's most prominent badminton singles player. He has won a number of titles in numerous competitions and has received innumerable gold titles in his entire career. He was ranked first worldwide for 199 consecutive weeks from 21 August 2008 to 14 June 2012. Lee Chong Wei was the third Malaysian player after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim, and is the only Malaysian shuttler having World Number One Badminton Player ranking for more than a year. He is a silver medalist in the year 2008 and was the 6th Malaysian who won an Olympic medal.

Not only this, Lee Chong Wei was the first Malaysian who reached the finals in the men’s singles event. The series of triumphing achievements by Lee Chong Wei shepherded him to earn the title of 'Dato', which is a traditional Malay honorific title for any country resident. As a matter of honor, he was also called a National Hero by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Interestingly, Lee Chong Wei is one of the richest young multi-millionaire of Malaysia. His recorded salary in the year 2011 was RM 1135970. Lee endorsements are getting on its high peak and he is almost a face of every new brand. Certainly, he fits the profile of the young, rich and famous. The Malaysian Badminton Sportsman has revealed that his one true passion besides challenging himself in the particular sports is investing in fast cars.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei Cars:

BMW X6 Coupe


Raucous power and surprising agility defines both, Lee Chong Wei and the X6. This Sports Activity Coupe perfectly compliments the Malaysian Badminton Sports Personality, without fail.

Skyline R35 GTR


Nissan's finest hour, and quite possibly the fastest car in the world to drive cross-country stand right there in the backyard of national Sportsman award winner, Lee Chong Wei.

Lamborghini Aventador


What can be more exciting? Lee Chong Wei has been spotted sitting inside the brutally powerful and obscenely flamboyant, Lamborghini Aventador. Simple reason of him picking up this vehicle surely must be its crazy acceleration with right technicality, which a sports person can totally understand.

Ferrari F430


Looks like, Lee Chung Wei's choice of wheels is more sportish and speedy one concurrent to his famous rival on the badminton court, Lin Dan! He has this aerodynamic and technically sound white edition of Ferrari F430 sports car in the collection.

Audi R8


The Audi R8 blurs the lines between art and performance with exotic styling and the handling performance to match. So is the speeding and apt performance of Lee Chong Wei on the Badminton Court.

Bentley Continental GT1


An instant favorite of countless rappers, superstar athletes, and million and billionaires, the Bentley Continental GT1 has something for everyone. There is no surprise, Lee Chong Wei owe this supercar in Crystal Grey Color also to his collection.

Image Courtesy:  sportrichlist

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