Should car dashboard cameras be compulsory in Malaysia?

Should car dashboard cameras be compulsory in Malaysia?

With rising accidents and roadside scams, what do you think?

In recent years we have seen some car manufacturers providing dashboard cameras as part of the vehicles accessory package and with some other car brands, like Toyota in Malaysia providing dash cams in all their models as part of the new vehicle package. Not an option to buy.

Four to five years ago, the dash cam was an expensive option that only a few car buyers installed and it was mostly for capturing great moments of reckless driving along popular urban road race circuits. Yes, it was when street racers wanted to capture their glory in cornering or their ability to drive like in the controlled environment of Fast and Furious movie chase scenes. Well, this still continues till today.

Dash Camera

Meanwhile, for the average driver, especially the fairer sex, the need for a dash camera has become more necessary as the rising number of car accidents involving cyclists, basikal lajak, and also ride hailing riders have innocent car drivers being accused for these accidents as in Malaysia the road traffic law gives preference to smaller two wheelers over four wheelers.

This means, when a motorcyclist ‘hits’ a car driver who is NOT breaking the law, the assumption of guilt falls on the car driver (the bigger vehicle), even though they were driving safely and within the rules of the law.

Now, with a dash camera, there will be much reduced ‘argument’ on who is right or wrong and the local police department will need less time to investigate the accident. This also helps with insurance claims and reduces the stress of the car driver.

Dash Camera

Let us not forget about the recent roadside scam that was reported in Klang, Selangor where a man ‘hurl’ himself on top of a car bonnet at a blind corner claiming that he was hit by the un-suspecting car driver and then claim negligence and immediate financial compensation ’or else’ they will make a police report which will give the car driver a massive fine or even overnight jail time.

This scam was caught on a dash camera and the driver shared it on social media and once it went viral in Malaysia, the scammer was caught by local police and put behind bars.

So, should dash cameras be made mandatory in all new vehicles sold in Malaysia? Yes, but it should be at a reasonable cost and with the blessing of the car manufacturers after sales and warranty department.

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