Proton e.MAS EV: All you need to know

Proton e.MAS EV: All you need to know

KUALA LUMPUR:  So, there you have it! The journey that began in 2022, when Proton first announced their ambitious plan to produce electric vehicles, is rapidly gaining traction. The excitement is palpable with the launch of their EV sub-brand, e.MAS (pronounced eee-mas, not emas, which means gold in Bahasa Melayu).


  • When will we see Proton's first EV?

    December 2024 and probably a launch date closer to the beginning of 2025
  • What will the EV be based on?

    The Geely Galaxy E5
  • How much range will it have?

    Up to 530km depending on battery size?
  • What about its performance?

    218Ps and a top speed of 175km/h
  • Will it be price under RM100k?

    Highly unlikely, but it'll probably hover around the upper parts of that price range
  • Proton e.MAS

    Proton is ahead of schedule, as they initially slated their EV debut for 2027. Yet, here we are in 2024, witnessing the unveiling of their brand name and the surprising announcement that their first EV will make its local appearance in December 2024.

    Proton's CEO, Dr. Li Chunrong, stated at the brand name unveiling that Proton has the infrastructure ready to support their EVs.With all their new found experience in successfully establishing smart EVs in Malaysia, this likely explains why they have accelerated their plans by a few years.

    Proton e.MAS

    They've even introduced 17 dealers who have signed up to sell and support their EVs.Also, true to Proton's ambitious nature, they revealed that they will be launching five electric vehicle models using the Global Modular Architecture (GMA) platform under the newly launched Proton e.MAS brand. While the timeline for the remaining four EVs remains a mystery, the first model is set to debut at the end of the year, with sales potentially beginning in early 2025.

    Proton is serious about this venture, even debuting a new logo for their EV brand and showroom concepts. Although details about the other four EVs are still under wraps, it's well-known that the first model will be something of a wallet friendly model under the e.MAS brand.

    Proton e.mas

    It might not be as wallet-friendly as some might hope, given the model it's based on. However, Proton Edar Sdn Bhd's CEO, Roslan Abdullah, mentioned to Bernama, "We notice most EV cars currently in the market are priced above RM100,000, and we are looking at a suitable price range that benefits Proton, the public, and the government." This suggests the price may not be under RM100,000, despite many expecting it to be due to the government's reservation that EVs under RM100k are reserved for national EVs.

    So, why won’t it be priced under RM100k? Let’s take a closer look at Proton's first EV, a yet-to-be-named model that promises to be a game-changer, much like the recent new Proton cars. This upcoming EV is set to continue Proton's trend of innovation and excellence, offering impressive features and value.

    By now, we all know that Geely has numerous sub-brands, many of which feature electric vehicles. However, Geely itself hasn't been as prominent in producing its own EVs, especially for global markets. This changed with the unveiling of the Geely Galaxy E5 SUV EV, reportedly the first global Galaxy model, developed from the outset with right-hand-drive markets in mind.

    This development aligns with Proton CEO Roslan Abdullah’s statement that the national carmaker’s first EV will be co-developed with Geely, rather than simply being a rebadged existing model. The fact that the Galaxy E5 is a new vehicle rather than an existing one supports his claim even further.

    Proton EV

    While we can still treat this as an educated guess, the unveiling of the e.MAS brand name provided some compelling evidence. A slide during the presentation hinted strongly—about 90 percent certainty—that the Galaxy E5 will be Proton’s EV. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that the PROTON badging appeared to be placed on a tailgate design strikingly similar to that of the E5.

    If you compare the E5’s tailgate to the slide featuring the PROTON badging, it seems quite clear that Proton’s first EV will likely be a version of the Geely Galaxy E5 SUV. With that in mind, let’s delve into what the Galaxy E5 has to offer.

    Proton EV

    In May 2024, Geely introduced the Galaxy E5, their upcoming pure electric SUV and the first of its kind in the Galaxy series. The E5 is expected to be priced between 150,000 and 200,000 yuan (approximately RM97k to RM130k), with its official launch slated for the second quarter of 2024.

    geely galaxy e5

    The Geely Galaxy E5 measures 4615 mm in length, 1901 mm in width, and 1670 mm in height. To put this into perspective, it's larger than both the Proton X70 and the upcoming smart#3. It’s big, but not as big as a Tesla Model Y, so seems pretty manageable. 

    The SUV exudes sophistication with its panoramic roof and cutting-edge lighting technology. Up front, it flaunts a bold matrix grille and sharp headlights, reminiscent of the Geely Galaxy family, especially the E8 model, complemented by C-shaped decorative vents. The rear is equally striking, featuring a sleek high-mounted brake light and a trendy joined together taillight set with ripple-like light elements at the center. Apparently, the E5 will have options of between 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels, each with a chic five-spoke design and hidden door handles, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to this stylish ride.

    Proton EV

    Inside, the Geely Galaxy E5 embraces a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, featuring a multifunction steering wheel, head-up display, digital instrument panel, and a large multimedia screen. The cockpit sports a flat-bottomed steering wheel, a head-up display, and a full LCD instrument panel, complemented by a large central control screen that integrates the Flyme Auto operating system, powered by the Dragon Eagle-1 7nm chip.

    Additional luxurious features include wireless smartphone charging, heated and ventilated front seats with massage functions, and a premium 16-speaker audio system, hopefully like the ones we see on smart EVs. The E5 also supports over-the-air software updates, ensuring your driving experience is always up-to-date.

    Galaxy E5

    According to CarNewsChina, the E5 will offer two battery options: 49.52 kWh and 60.22 kWh, providing ranges of 440 km and 530 km, respectively, depending on the chosen capacity. The E5 is powered by Geely’s own Aegis short knife lithium iron phosphate batteries.

    The Geely Galaxy E5 is driven by an advanced 11-in-1 intelligent electric motor, delivering a maximum power output of 218 PS and reaching a top speed of 175 km/h. While this is the extent of the performance details available for now, the choice between battery packs it seems  is solely about extending the vehicle's range. On that note, the E5 boasts a class-leading drag coefficient of Cd 0.269, which significantly reduces drag and contributes to an additional cruising range of 77.6 km.

    Proton EV

    Just like how Smart was introduced to Malaysia, we can expect more teasers and specifications for the Proton EV to be revealed soon. Based on the current information, Proton's first EV looks promising, especially if it can be priced around the RM100k mark.

    Interestingly, the same team that brought the Smart brand here will be involved in this launch, bringing valuable experience to the table. So, what do you think? Does Proton’s EV sound compelling to you? It might not be the most budget-friendly option, but if Proton can offer an affordable premium EV, similar to their latest ICE models, the possibilities for the Proton EV are exciting and limitless.

    Proton's First EV: Quick Spec Check

    Brand: Proton e.MAS (pronounced eee-mas, not emas which means gold in Bahasa Melayu)

    Launch Timeline:

    • Unveiling: December 2024
    • Sales Start: Early 2025

    Co-Development: With Geely, based on the Geely Galaxy E5

    Expected Price Range: Around RM100,000, not under


    • Length: 4615 mm
    • Width: 1901 mm
    • Height: 1670 mm
    • Larger than Proton X70 and smart#3

    Exterior Features:

    • Panoramic roof
    • Matrix grille
    • Sharp headlights
    • C-shaped decorative vents
    • High-mounted brake light
    • Through-type taillight set with ripple-like light elements
    • 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels with five-spoke design
    • Hidden door handles

    Interior Features:

    • Minimalist design
    • Multifunction steering wheel
    • Head-up display
    • Digital instrument panel
    • Large multimedia screen with Flyme Auto operating system
    • Powered by Dragon Eagle-1 7nm chip
    • Wireless smartphone charging
    • Heated and ventilated front seats with 8-point massage
    • Premium 16-speaker audio system
    • Over-the-air software updates

    Battery Options:

    • 49.52 kWh (Range: 440 km)
    • 60.22 kWh (Range: 530 km)


    • 11-in-1 intelligent electric motor
    • Maximum power output: 218 PS
    • Top speed: 175 km/h
    • Drag coefficient: Cd 0.269

    Dealer Network:

    • 17 dealers signed up to sell and support Proton EVs

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