Xpeng enters ASEAN market with debut at Bangkok Motor Show - G6, G9 and P7i EVs showcased

Xpeng enters ASEAN market with debut at Bangkok Motor Show - G6, G9 and P7i EVs showcased

KUALA LUMPUR: At this year's Bangkok International Motor Show, the atmosphere was electrified, especially with the much-anticipated ASEAN debut of Xpeng.


  • What models were showcased at the Bangkok Motor Show?

    The P7i Seda, G6 SUV and the larger SUV, G9.
  • What's the starting price of the G9?

    From RM172k
  • What's the longest range of the Xpeng EVs?

    Up to 702km
  • When will Xpeng come to Malaysia?

    In a matter of a few months, after Singapore.
  • XPENG Thailand

    Marking a significant milestone, Xpeng’s introduction is eagerly anticipated, especially for us, since Bermaz, known for managing Mazda and Kia in Malaysia, has inked a deal to distribute Xpeng vehicles locally.

    This strategic endeavor heralds a landmark achievement for Bermaz as it wholeheartedly embraces an electrified future, incorporating an EV titan into its roster. With Malaysia gearing up to become the third stop—likely after an initial unveiling in Singapore—this sequence follows Xpeng's acclaimed launch in Thailand, underscoring the brand's methodical and ambitious expansion across the region. XPENG G6

    Entrusted with Xpeng’s distribution in Thailand, Neo Mobility Asia—a synergistic collaboration between Arun Plus Mobility Holdings and MGC-Asia GreenTech—prepares to spearhead the brand's introduction. The Xpeng G6, already up for pre-booking, stole the spotlight at the show, signaling the brand's bold aspirations for the region.

    Beyond the G6, Xpeng teased attendees with two additional models, hinting at the exciting lineup planned. Among the diverse electric offerings, the Xpeng G9, debuted at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, captures attention with its expansive size and innovative features.

    XPENG ASEAN debut

    Sharing a platform with the G6, the G9 distinguishes itself as a larger SUV, available in five variants in China with prices starting at 263,900 yuan(RM172k). The lineup includes the 570 Pro and Max variants, featuring a 78.4-kWh battery for 570 km of range, and the 702 Pro and Max variants, which extend the range to 702 km thanks to a 98 kWh battery. The pinnacle 650 Max variant offers a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup, producing 551 PS and 717 Nm, achieving 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

    XPENG G9

    Charging technology is a highlight for the G9, boasting an 800V architecture and silicon carbide technology, allowing for rapid charging times. The vehicle's advanced sensor suite, enhanced further in Max variants with additional lidars and the Drive Orin platform, underscores Xpeng’s commitment to safety and technology.

    If this is sounding all confusing to you, Incidentally, the model names ingeniously reflect their driving range, offering a simple and intuitive way to recall each vehicle's electric range capabilities.

    XPENG P7i

    The P7i, an update of the P7 sedan, brings fresh styling, improved power, and range, along with an upgraded sensor suite. Launched in various configurations to cater to different driver preferences, the P7i models range from the ‘550’ to the ‘702’ variants, each designed for specific needs, from daily commuting to long-distance travel.

    The '702' variant boasts a ternary lithium battery with an 86.2 kWh capacity, delivering up to 702 km of range. It features a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 276 PS and 440 Nm, achieving a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 200 km/h.

    XPENG P7i

    The '610' variant shares the same battery as the '702', but employs a dual-motor setup for a combined output of 473 PS and 757 Nm, offering a quicker 0-100 km/h time of 3.9 seconds at the expense of range, which tops out at 610 km.

    Lastly, the '550' variant utilizes a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a 64.4 kWh capacity, providing up to 550 km of range, while maintaining the same motor setup as the '702' variants.

    XPENG Malaysia

    The P7i is packed with advanced driver assistance features under the Xpilot system, with higher-end variants receiving additional units. Inside, the cabin is equipped with a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and a single 14.96-inch touchscreen, blending luxury with the latest in automotive technology.

    The XPeng P7i is designed with modern charging capabilities to accommodate the fast-paced lifestyle of its drivers. It is built on a 400V architecture that supports efficient charging, allowing the battery to recharge from 10% to 80% state of charge (SoC) in just about 29 minutes.

    XPENG Thailand

    While showcased with enthusiasm at BIMS, Xpeng's lineup serves as a beacon of the brand's potential in the ASEAN market. This preview, though not a confirmation of the models coming to every ASEAN country immediately, demonstrates Xpeng’s intention to gauge interest and eventually cater to the region’s growing demand for electric vehicles, marrying innovation with sustainability.

    Xpeng Motors, despite its status as one of China's leading electric vehicle (EV) brands, might not be as familiar to people outside of China due to a few key factors. Initially, XPeng concentrated its efforts on dominating the Chinese market, which is the largest market for EVs globally. This strategic focus allowed them to customize their technology, features, and marketing to cater specifically to Chinese consumers. However, this also meant that their visibility and operations outside of China were somewhat limited during their early growth phase.

    XPENG China

    The global EV market is fiercely competitive, with established players like Tesla, BYD and BMW already having a significant presence, alongside other emerging Chinese brands entering the scene. 


    International brand recognition often comes from extensive marketing and presence in global automotive shows, media coverage outside of China, and strategic partnerships or launches in key markets.

    XPeng has clearly begun this journey, making notable appearances at international auto shows such as BIMS and announcing plans for expansion, but gaining widespread recognition takes time. As XPeng continues to expand its international footprint and invests in global marketing efforts, it's likely that awareness of the brand will grow, showcasing its innovative EV technology to a wider audience.

    XPENG G6

    XPeng Motors stands out for its swift rise in the EV industry, chiefly due to its pioneering advancements in autonomous driving and smart vehicle connectivity. Known for its XPILOT autonomous driving system, XPeng competes with global giants, offering high-tech EVs at competitive prices.

    This combination of cutting-edge technology, affordability, and commitment to sustainability positions XPeng as a noteworthy contender in shaping the future of electric transportation.

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