All you need to know about Benelli TNT 600

All you need to know about Benelli TNT 600

Benelli TNT 600 is an odd motorcycle if there ever was one. As a naked streetfighter with an inline 4 engine, it stands out from the established crowd. As if the styling alone was not enough. Then there is the Benelli brand itself. Coming from its roots in shotgun manufacturing, this bike maker is one of the oldest in the business. It has had a tumultuous past and has been under different leaderships. Currently, this Italian motorcycle manufacturer is owned by the Chinese giant Group Qianjiang. Since then it has had some amount of success in many markets, including India and the Philippines.

Going against the Japanese behemoths is not the easiest job in the world. And yet, the Benelli TNT 600 has made a mark for itself with its Italian design, the engine note and affordable price. While the manufacturer still faces doubts regarding its quality owing to its Chinese ownership, service and parts availability, it is slowly gaining traction on the streets of Manila. Seeing one on the road here is like a breath of fresh air amidst the crop of Japanese bikes. Here are some of the best features of the Benelli TNT 600 that make it stand out.

1) Italian Flair

There is something about Italian design that makes them stand out from their Japanese, Austrian, German and British counterparts. The Italian connection is well visible in the Benelli TNT 600’s design. Most noticeable is the beefy front end. By comparison, the headlight and the instrument cluster on top of it are minuscule. The headlight fails to hide the massive 50 mm inverted front forks. Actually, the bike puts out all its glossy equipment out on display like any self-respecting naked bike. The tank really brings in the muscle in the TNT’s design with its sculpted two-tone looks and massive shroud that keeps the radiator out of sight. Underneath the tank is the steel tubular trellis frame followed by a deep scoop seat with a tail section that sharply rises again to accommodate the pillion seat. Under the pillion seat is the single side mounted almost horizontal rear monoshock. Under the tail section are twin triangular exhausts that really drive home the Italian exotic appeal. Then there are the eccentricities like how close the grab rails are to the exhausts and small details like the Italian flag on the frame. This bike has no shortage of design talking points.

2) Capable engine

Benelli TNT 600’s specs contain an inline 4 engine that is just as rare and exotic in this segment as an Italian supercar. It is a 600cc 16 valve inline 4 fuel injected and the liquid-cooled engine producing 80 hp at 11000 rpm and 52 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The power output shows that the brunt of the power needs a fistful of revs but there is no lack of power lower in the rev range. The power is sent to the rear wheel using a 6-speed transmission. Unlike other Italian manufacturers, Benelli has always enjoyed good reliability and the TNT 600 is no exception. The engine is constructed so as to be easily accessible - something that should be of interest to people worried about its reliability. Also included in the package is the unique exhaust note that is enough to set hearts on fire.

3) Beginner friendly 

The power delivery is not too aggressive and should favor newer riders. Same goes for the suspension. With its 50 mm inverted non-adjustable front forks and its adjustable for preload and rebound damping rear shock, this bike has a comfortable ride.  It might not be the best for riding hard and fast, but it is versatile for everyday use. The front 320 mm disc brakes with a twin pot caliper and a rear disc with a single piston caliper are sufficient for braking and do not lock even under hard braking. The wide and grippy Metzeler Sportec tires give the rider confidence on corners.

4) Competitive price

The Benelli TNT 600’s price of RM 32900 makes it cheaper than nearly every bike in its category. And the TNT makes more power than nearly all of them, is the only bike with an inline 4, looks more unique and has the best exhaust note. So, if you are in the market for an entry level middleweight naked motorcycle, you cannot afford to ignore the Benelli TNT 600. 

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