SYM E Bonus 110: Know its alternatives

SYM E Bonus 110: Know its alternatives

Sanyang Motor company has been making great progress in the motorcycle business. SYM motorcycles as well all know them, have got a variety of choices to please the commuter. They are also working on alternative powertrains and have launched a few here as well. With more and more countries around the world banning the use of a conventional powered scooter or car, electric powered vehicles make sense.

sym e bonus 110

The SYM E Bonus 110 that we are going to talk about today though isn’t an electric commute. It is just a basic form of transportation that will take you from point A to B with the least amount of fuss. Step-throughs or underbone vehicles have been at the core of developing nations across the world. This one has a rotary clutch. This means it doesn’t use a clutch lever and will instead allow one to pause and slot in the next gear. It is more of a twist and go vehicle with the rider actually having a say in the proceedings, unlike the case with an automatic scooter.

The SYM E Bonus 110 specifications reveal a 108 cc air-cooled engine that makes 7.2 PS of power at 7,500 rpm. The torque is 7.45 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The compression ratio is 9.1:1 which is relatively on the lower side of things. The starting system of the E Bonus 110 is a digital CDI that makes use of a kick as well as electric start mechanism. The updated E Bonus 110 fuel efficiency is 55 kmpl at a constant 60 kmph speed. This and the four-litre fuel tank capacity mentioned in the SYM E Bonus 110 specifications theoretically give it a range of 220 kilometres.

SYM E Bonus 110 specifications

The four-speed gearbox has a primary reduction ratio of 4.059 while the final ratio boils down to 2.57. For the SYM E Bonus 110 dimensions, the length stands at 1920 mm while the width is 680 mm and the height is 1100 mm. The kerb weight of the E Bonus 110 is a measly 96 kg. There are telescopic front forks as well a monoshock at the rear. The brakes are 110 mm drums both at the front and back. 17-inch tyres are given both at the front and back. Taiwanese quality and reliability though are not the greatest around and is a bugbear.

So, what could be the alternative to the SYM E Bonus 110? Let’s check them out.

Demak Eco 110

Demak Eco 110

The Demak Eco 110 is one of the most economical step-throughs one can buy in Malaysia. So, it is a safer alternative to the E Bonus 110. The price of the Demak Eco 110 is RM 3,718. It is powered by a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 110cc. The power is 7.8 PS @ 7,500 rpm whereas the torque rating is 7.8 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. With underbone type chassis, the Eco 110 boasts telescopic front forks as well as rear twin shocks. It also has drum brakes at both the ends.
The 3.8-litre fuel tank is a bit low than what SYM offers but the vehicle is as fuel efficient as the E Bonus 110. It is also far lighter at 90 kg.

SYM Bonus 110 SR

SYM Bonus 110 SR

The E Bonus faces competition from within its stables as well. The SYM Bonus 110 SR is one such vehicle that is available for a marginally higher price than bare bones Bonus 110. This one borrows everything lock, stock and barrel from the E Bonus 110. However, there are slight differences. The front end hosts a disc brake. The moped also has snazzy graphics that lend it with some pizazz. There are also black colored alloy wheels. The front foot rest is foldable and there is an attractive muffler cover. With its recent update, it has also got a new chain cover that is claimed to be more durable than before. The engine is the same 220 km range unit from the Bonus 110. It is priced at RM 3,292.

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