Davinci introduces two new e-bikes, DC100 and DC Classic

Davinci introduces two new e-bikes, DC100 and DC Classic

KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Davinci Dynamics has launched two new e-bike - the DC100 and DC Classic. The former is priced at USD 27,500 (approx RM 116,261) and later is way pricier at USD 90,000 (approx RM 380,458).

DC100 and DC Classic specs

Davinci DC100 generates the electric equivalent of 137 hp, which is similar to a litre-class sports motorcycle. Part of its mechanical setup is a 17.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers an estimated range of 400 km. Using a Level 3 charger, the e-bike gets fully-charged in 30 minutes.

DC100 and DC Classic

With two ride modes - Relax and Sports, both the DC100 and DC Classic make a maximum torque of 850 Nm. The top speed is limited to 200 kmph.

Furthermore, the Davinci e-bike can be ignited and operated via an app on the rider's smartphone. Also, official training is needed to unlock Race mode.

DC100 and DC Classic details

Davinci DC100 will be delivered to its customers in July 2022, while the limited edition DC Classic is expected to reach dealerships in April 2022. Interested individuals can pre-book the e-bike on the Davinci website.

DC100 and DC Classic features

The DC100 e-bike benefits from premium quality components like Ohlins FGRT 240 forks with Dyneema carbon fibre fork tubes, Brembo GP4 brake callipers matched to a Brembo RCS master cylinder, and Ohlins STX 46 mono-shock and a handmade French calfskin seat. The DC Classic, on the other hand, features a custom-built composite chassis with the hud-mounted motor.

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