SM Sport 110R revised, check out the details

SM Sport 110R revised, check out the details

KUALA LUMPUR: The SM Sport 110R was first introduced in the Malaysian market in 2017 and since then the brand has worked on improving the bike. Keeping up with its improvement spree and top-notch customer satisfaction index, SM Sport has now introduced new graphics and colour options (blue, black, and red) for the 110R. Thus, keeping the offering current up to the market trend and consumer choices.

SM Sport 110R engine

The SM Sport 110R powertrain makes a maximum power of 6 hp at 7,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 7 Nm at 5,000 rpm, ideal for daily commute. Furthermore, its overall weight of 105 kg offers better comfort and perfect handling.

SM Sport 110R features

The SM Sport 110R features a 4.0-litre petrol tank, 10-litre under-seat storage capacity, and adding to the package is a Fuel Saving switch offering optimal savings. Other features include -
a USB phone charger, dual-absorbent Kayaba shock absorber, and a Rotary Gear system (for improved responsiveness and handling). Also, the motorcycle offers a smooth launch for a more stable riding performance.

SM Sport 110R exterior

The SM Sport 110R exterior design is all for style and sportiness. It features -

  • LED front signal light
  • LED rear signal light
  • Bright DRL
  • Stylish brakes and rims on the front disc
  • Tubeless tyres (offers high safety, lower tyre pressure, and better at shock absorption)

SM Sport 110R price

The SM Sport 110R price tag reads RM 4,081 (excluding road tax and registration). With every purchase, owners will enjoy a 2-year/20,000 km manufacturer’s warranty and a genuine online parts purchase service by its one and only distributor, MForce Bike Holding Sdn. Bhd.

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