Yamaha 135LC FI launched for Malaysian market

Yamaha 135LC FI launched for Malaysian market



  • How much does the new Yamaha 135LC FI costs?

    The recommended retail price for the new Yamaha 135LC FI with standard colour is RM7,798.00. It costs a little more for the Special Edition model at RM8,198.
  • When will the new Yamaha 135LC FI go on sale in Malaysia?

    Sales of this all-new Yamaha 135LC FI starts this March 14, 2022.
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian kap-chai buyers now have the option of getting the most powerful 135cc Auto Clutch Motorcycle in the country and this latest kap-chai is exclusive to the Malaysia market only. Yes, you read this right, the other ASEAN nations (Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam) will not be getting this all-new Yamaha kap-chai despite having a huge market reach. There must be a reason why and we will find out soon.

    new & improved Yamaha 135LC FI

    The improved Yamaha 135LC FI runs on an all-new 135cc EU4 Compliant Auto Clutch Fuel Injection engine, with improved performance for smooth acceleration. Riders can also enjoy better riding pleasure and a smoother ride on a redesigned body frame that is lighter with improved aerodynamics.

    Yamaha 135LC FI details

    As an improvement on safety, this model is now equipped with Rear Disc Brakes with a newly designed swing-arm for excellent braking power.

    Sporting a new LED Headlight, Pilot Light and LED Taillight, the Yamaha 135LC FI now looks more ruggedly stylish. The model now also comes with a new Digital Speedometer that delivers more riding information compared to its predecessor, while featuring a larger fuel tank of 4.6L to allow riders to have increased riding mileage on each full tank.

    Yamaha 135LC FI design

    The new Yamaha 135LC FI will be available in four colours and they are Ruby Red, Crystal Cyan, Midnight Star, and a Desert Storm Special Edition which comes together with the Yamaha Premium Basket.

    Yamaha 135LC FI features

    The specially designed Yamaha ‘Premium Basket’ is exclusively developed for the Malaysian market and it comes with an open-and-close section to protect personal items from getting wet on rainy days which is getting worse in recent weeks. Plus, it has a USB charger outlet in the basket which allows the bike riders to charge their electronic devices.

    Yamaha 135LC FI features

    This means this will be great for delivery riders who are on the road for 8 to 12 hours a day and they need their smartphones to be charged and ready to take orders and navigate to their delivery destinations.

    Yamaha 135LC FI specs

    Sales of this all-new Yamaha 135LC FI starts this March 14, 2022, with a recommended retail price of RM7,798.00 for the model with standard color and a little more for the Special Edition model at RM8,198. These prices exclude registration fees and insurance coverage.

    In addition to this, every new owner of the Yamaha 135LC FI model will receive a safety disc lock with their purchase.

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    Yamaha 135LC
    RM 6,868 - 7,118 Emi Starts : RM 71

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