Yamaha Ego Solariz: Reasons to buy

Yamaha Ego Solariz: Reasons to buy

KUALA LUMPUR: Automatic scooters have become quite popular in crowded countries like ours. With the number of vehicles on roads increasing day by day, it has become a challenging task for commuters to reach their destination. That’s when lightweight automatic scooters come to the rescue as they are easy to ride, especially in heavy traffic and narrow streets. Yamaha Ego Solariz was launched in Malaysia in 2017 keeping in mind the aforementioned issues. Yamaha understood the market requirements and hence, the Ego Solariz didn’t take long to storm the streets of Malaysia. Here are a few reasons why you should buy the Yamaha Ego Solariz.

Stylish looks

Yamaha Ego Solariz Looks

Yamaha wanted to lure in as many customers as possible, so, it made the Ego Solariz very attractive. The sharp and aggressive headlamp and cowl give a sporty look to the scooter. Also, the side body panels have been made very fashionable with the help of striking graphics. The back end of the Ego Solariz gets a tail light of decent size which is again sharp in design. The grab rails at the top of the tail light gels with the overall sporty design of the scooter. The matte black exhaust with a faux carbon fibre treatment looks brilliant. Yamaha has done a great job in making the Ego Solariz the way it is. Its stylish looks tend to be one of the major factors of it being so popular among the youth.

Sufficient under seat storage

There are many scooters in the market that provide very large under seat storage space. However, such scooters come with a hefty price tag and are heavy as well. Yamaha Ego Solariz specs show an under seat storage of 10-litre. Yes, it isn’t humongous but it should be sufficient to keep some of your personal items safe.

Yamaha Ego Solariz Under Seat Storage & Instrument Cluster

Instrument cluster with Eco-Indicator

The design of the instrument cluster matches the overall sharp design of the scooter. Apart from the basic functionality, Yamaha has also added an Eco-Indicator in the instrument cluster. This indicator helps you to ride more efficiently and save fuel. It lights up when the balance of power and fuel is attained. So, if you want to extract the maximum fuel efficiency from your Yamaha Ego Solariz, then you should try to ride in a more controlled manner and make sure that the Eco-Indicator lights up.

Peppy engine

Yamaha Ego Solariz Engine

Yamaha has equipped the Ego Solariz with a 125 cc single-cylinder engine with BlueCore Technology. This is Yamaha’s latest tech that promises to provide the user with more power at the expense of less amount of fuel along with great riding experience. This 125 cc engine has been tuned to churn out a max power of 9.4 PS at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 9.6 Nm is generated at 5500rpm. These figures are more than sufficient to get you going in city riding conditions. As the Yamaha Ego Solariz is an automatic scooter, the transmission is handled by a V-belt automatic unit.


The Ego Solariz weighs 98 kg (wet) which makes it very lightweight. This is a good advantage because it makes riding the scooter in dense traffic or narrow streets much easier. As a result, you can filter through the traffic easily without any worries.

Yamaha Ego Solariz Features

Ride quality

The suspension setup on the Yamaha Ego Solariz is nothing extraordinary or high-tech. Keeping the price quotient in mind, Yamaha decided to go ahead and use the conventional suspension setup on this scooter - a pair of telescopic forks at the front and a swingarm mono-shock at the rear. The suspension setup is tuned towards the softer side and hence provides a plush and comfortable ride. It soaks up potholes and bumps nicely. Also, the riding position on the Ego Solariz is upright and relaxed. There is no strain on your wrists and you can ride easily for a longer period of time.

Attractive price

All these good features that we have just mentioned come at an affordable price point. The Yamaha Ego Solariz price is RM 5,234 and there is only a single variant available so you don’t have to go through the tiring process of deciding which one to buy. However, you will need to make a choice for the color because the Ego Solariz comes with 4 color options - Blue, Red, Purple, and Magenta.

These were some of the reasons why you should consider buying the stylish Yamaha Ego Solariz. If you do buy one, let us know which color it is. And if you are already an owner, share your ownership experience with us.

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