2020 Beijing Auto Show: Ford previews a sculpture called “Progressive Energy In Strength”

2020 Beijing Auto Show: Ford previews a sculpture called “Progressive Energy In Strength”

KUALA LUMPUR: After a long wait, Ford Mustang Mach-E made its regional debut in China at the ongoing Beijing Auto Show. Set to hit the Chinese dealerships next year, the Mustang EV was undoubtedly the main attraction of the American automaker’s stand in the event. But, there lies one another interesting thing that is a sculpture which might have some connection with the next-generation Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Mach-E front

According to Ford, the art installation dubbed as "Progressive Energy In Strength” previews Ford China’s future design language. It depicts a vehicle with a muscular front end and athletic silhouette, clearly of a fastback coupe. From the front, it looks somewhat like a new interpretation of the current Mustang. The larger grille flanked by horizontal headlights represents a different shape and the long hood smoothly flows back to a sleek cockpit. 

As per the automaker, the flowing silhouette highlights the company’s interpretation of power, speed, and details. “The speedy shoulder lines and sleek body shape create a dynamic surface flow, surging and agile without losing its poise, leaning forward with progressive energy”.

Ford new sculpture front

Further, it explains that the vehicle’s spacious and powerful underbody represents its strong forward propulsion. Another highlight is the parametric octagon scales graphic design grille that incorporates parameter design and matrix arrangement for the Blue Oval badge. All the pieces have distinct shapes which are reflected in the octagonal grille, which can be seen as “an artistic interpretation of Ford's innovative spirit.”

The automaker has planned to establish a design centre in China next month and will gather talented designers to transform the “Progressive Energy in Strength” concept into reality. The centre will help launch vehicles in China that are built around this new design language.

As the first all-electric model to join the Mustang lineup, Mustang Mach-E has also come up using thorough research as well as human-centered design by Ford Team Edison, which focuses on the development and promotion of smart electric cars. 

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