BMW i8 - The hybrid supercar that costs RM1,188,800

BMW i8 - The hybrid supercar that costs RM1,188,800

The BMW i8 is no less than a dream car. Its design, stance, cut, and technology all are breathtaking. It's like seeing an animated supercar for real, with a tad of better visual impression.

Ever since the car arrived on the Malaysian shores, people are awe-struck by its sheer glance. However, this German beauty is more than just a package of stylish exterior and lavishing interior.

BMW i8 Front

Together let's unfold this 2+2 coupe and see what apart from its design aesthetics make it so unique.

Dimension, aerodynamics, and more

The BMW i8 takes inspiration from the company’s Vision Efficient Dynamic Concept that is skillfully toned down to fit the dimension range - 4,689 mm X 1,942 mm X 1,293 mm (L X W X H). All this along with a stretched wheelbase of 2,800 mm. The coupe displays an applauding low drag coefficient of 0.26. Thus helping the car on high-speed stability front. The designers introduced several first-time features in this car like the long upward opening doors, and laser headlights generating pure-white bright light that doesn’t bother the eyes.

 The plastic and aluminium architecture

BMW i8 rear

Built on the lines similar to that of BMW i3, the i8's body holds parts that are constructed strategically with the assigned material. Using the company’s i LiveDrive architecture, the passenger cell is made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic that makes the car light and contributes to performance. However, its drive system, along with the chassis, voltage battery, and crash structure features an aluminium module. The car also features a smart weight distribution and space usage that leads to low centre of gravity which offers higher dynamics.

The engine and motor harmony

With the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid debuted the 1.5-litre three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine. This latest development in BMW’s Efficient Dynamics programme generates maximum power and torque of 231 PS and 320 Nm respectively.

BMW i8 transmission

The paired six-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. The front wheels receive potent energy (132 PS and 250 Nm) from the hybrid synchronous electric motor that is powered by lithium-ion high voltage battery. In totality, the BMW eDrive and TwinPower Turbo produce a combined output of 363 PS and 570 Nm. This allows the i8 to go from zero to 100 km mark in 4.4 seconds while reaching the electronically limited top speed of 350 kmph.

The numeric achievement

The BMW i8 delivers a fantastic fuel economy of 40 kmpl, while the CO2 emission remains limited to 59 grams per kilometre. The eDrive offers an all-electric driving range of 35 km and provides a top speed of 120 kmph. Charging the lithium-ion battery takes less than 120 minutes using the i Wallbox, however, with a domestic power socket, it takes around 3 hours.

Feature packed cabin

BMW i8 cabin

Swing open the BMW i8 door, and your eyes will meet the beautiful full ‘Spheric’ leather upholstery and BMW i Blue seat belts. Resting on the centre stage is the gigantic 10.25-inch HD screen with iDrive Touch Controller and Professional navigation system. On the entertainment front is present the 600W Harman Kardon surround sound system whose sixteen speakers ensure crisp sound on every beat.

Priced at RM1,188,800 the BMW i8 is sure an expensive purchase, but its packed feature lineup justifies for every penny. Included in the package  are -

  • BMW i Wallbox Pure charging station
  • Two-year/unlimited mileage warranty
  • Three year/60,000 km free repair and service

Explore BMW i8

  • i8 Front angle low view
  • BMW i8 Front Medium View
  • i8 Rear angle view
  • i8 Tail light
  • i8 Wheel
  • i8 Rear Medium Side View
  • i8 Medium Angle Front View
  • Front AC Controls of BMW i8
BMW i8
RM 1.38 Million Emi Starts : RM 14,312

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