Perodua Ativa Hybrid: What to expect?

Perodua Ativa Hybrid: What to expect?

Electric cars are surely a part of Perodua’s longer-term planning, but before moving on that path it aims to ensure affordability first. So, for now, a lower cost hybrid is the brand’s immediate focus. And, it’s not a secret that the Perodua Ativa Hybrid is in the works in association with Daihatsu and Toyota.


  • What will power the upcoming Perodua Ativa Hybrid?

    The upcoming Perodua Ativa Hybrid is expected to be powered by an e-SMART hybrid setup, combining a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine, an electric motor and a 4.3 Ah lithium-ion battery pack.
  • What will be the fuel efficiency of the Perodua Ativa Hybrid?

    The Perodua Ativa Hybrid is likely to deliver a fuel efficiency of 3.6 litres per 100 km (28 kmpl).
  • It is a well known fact that Perodua is a part of the Toyota group and this technical collaboration has helped the automakers deliver reliable cars to middle and lower-middle class Malaysians for decades. One of the instances is the Perodua Ativa, launched in 2021, which is a rebadged version of the Toyota Raize or Daihatsu Rocky. For those who are unaware, Daihatsu Motor is owned by Toyota.

    Well, now get ready for the next product of this profitable collaboration, i.e. the Perodua Ativa Hybrid.

    Perodua Ativa

    What all we can expect from the upcoming Perodua Ativa Hybrid after taking into consideration the automaker’s statements, spy shots and market reports, let’s know.

    e-SMART hybrid technology

    The electrified version of the Ativa SUV is expected to be powered by an e-SMART hybrid setup borrowed from the Rocky. That combines a WA-VEX 1.2-litre Atkinson-cycle three-cylinder engine (good for making a power output of 82 PS at 5,600 rpm and a peak torque of 105 Nm from 3,200 to 5,200 rpm.) with an electric motor rated to generate 106 PS and 170 Nm of torque. Also, part of the kit is a compact 4.3 Ah lithium-ion battery pack.

    Daihatsu Rocky

    The setup has no transmission as the engine acts as a generator (or what the company calls a range extender of sorts) when the battery needs juice, while rest of the time it remains in the resting mode.

    One of the other highlighted features of this e-SMART tech is the “Smart Pedal” function which allows one-pedal driving, while the throttle response varies between normal and eco modes.

    According to Daihatsu, the e-SMART hybrid technology also offers “a more exciting, quieter acceleration.”

    Daihatsu Rocky

    Better fuel efficiency

    The Ativa running on the e-SMART hybrid tech is likely to offer an impressive fuel economy to the Malaysians. As for the reference, the Daihatsu Rocky delivers 3.6 litres per 100 km (28 kmpl) on the WLTP cycle. In comparison, the standard Ativa powered by a 98 PS/140 Nm 1.0-litre three-cyl DOHC VVT turbo mill consumes 7.5 litres of fuel for running 100 km or we can say deliver a mileage of 18.9 km per litre.

    No cosmetic differences 

    The Perodua Ativa Hybrid has been spotted while testing last year in November, followed by a recent sighting on a trailer presumably on its way to a Perodua dealership. The Perodua logo, rear bumper and wheels similar to the ones available on the Japanese model are clearly visible in the spied images. By which, we can assume that it will have no cosmetic differences compared to its donor model, the Daihatsu Rocky.

    Perodua Ativa

    Launch timeline

    The hybrid SUV is very likely to be launched as a fully-imported vehicle from Japan next year. But before that, the automaker seems to introduce it in a different way. 

    The sources close to the brand confirm that the allocation of 300 Ativa hybrids will be offered on a subscription basis to fleet leasing companies and also to selected individuals who reserved the standard model before the expiry of the SST-exemption period, and have not yet received their cars.

    This will be run as a trial to collect the data with the help of GPS, which the automaker requires to make the hybrid system more efficient for the local roads, according to the reports.

    Summing up

    Undoubtedly, the arrival of the Perodua Ativa Hybrid is significant for the local market as not only because it is the first Perodua hybrid car, but also it is the very first hybrid offering from a Malaysian-born automaker. We bet this will change the equations of the electrified vehicles game in the local market by capturing most hearts with its smart tech and lower price tag. 

    What do you think about the upcoming Perodua hybrid car? Let us know in the comments below.

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