Perodua Axia - What makes it a good buy?

Perodua Axia - What makes it a good buy?

After getting its last facelift in 2017, Perodua Axia was given a proper update in September last year. With this latest 2019 Axia, Perodua wanted to make sure that one of the most affordable cars in Malaysia doesn’t get lost in the growing competition. Two months after the launch of 2019 Axia here in Malaysia, Perodua launched the STYLE AT variant in Sri Lanka. By this, you can get an idea of Axia’s popularity. So what exactly makes the Axia a good buy? Let’s find out.

Perodua Axia front

Spacious interior

For a car of its dimensions - 3,650 mm long, 1,625 mm wide and 1,525 mm tall - we need to give a round of applause for Axia’s generous interior space. It is an entry-level hatchback and yet it offers a good amount of legroom for the rear passengers. With a little bit of adjustment, three full-size adults can be accommodated at the rear. This means that the Perodua Axia can carry five people at a time without any hassle. Not bad, right?

Perodua Axia interior

Comfortable seats

And it is not just the space that’s great, even the seats are quite nice. The front seats are a semi-bucket type with a good amount of bolstering that provides a good and comfortable driving position. At the rear, the seats offer amazing under-thigh support which could prove to be a blessing during longer journeys. Perodua also did some clever thinking and added shopping hooks and seat-back pockets at the back of the front seats.

Perodua Axia seats

Large boot capacity

It seems like we wouldn’t stop talking about the Axia’s space management, right? Well, that’s not our fault! Perodua has designed this car so brilliantly that even after being so compact it surprises us with its space management. Check out its 260-litres boot. This should be sufficient to carry small luggage. And if you want to increase the boot capacity, you can easily do that since the Axia also comes with flexible seating arrangements.

Perodua Axia side

Best-in-class safety features

2019 Perodua Axia comes with best-in-class safety features that have been added in its last update. The Axia is the first, and most probably, the only car of its segment which comes with active safety features like Pre-Collision Warning, Front Departure Alert along with Pedal Misoperation Control, and Pedestrian Detection. All these safety features fall under Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A) 2.0. Apart from these, Perodua also added Vehicle Stability Control along with Traction Control making the Axia quite a safe car to be in.

Perodua Axia safety

Fuel efficient engine

One might say that the Axia’s engine is too small. Well, there’s a reason behind why Perodua chose to go ahead with a 1.0-litre petrol engine even in Axia’s latest update. Since the Axia is a small car, it doesn’t need to have a high-displacement engine. It is not a hot-hatchback. And the purpose for which it has been designed for is fully fulfilled by the small 1.0-litre engine. And on top of everything else, this engine is very economical. Perodua claims fuel consumption of 22.5 kmpl for the MT and 21.6 kmpl for the AT.

Perodua Axia engine

Following are the detailed engine specs-

Engine type 1KR-VE
Valve mechanism DOHC, 12V, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), with VVT-i
Total displacement 998 cc
Max power output 67 bhp at 6000 rpm
Max torque output 91 Nm at 4400 rpm
Transmission 5-speed MT / 4-speed AT

Stylish exterior design

Perodua Axia might not be the most stylish car in its segment but it surely is one of them. And we also give credits to Perodua’s design team for their continuous effort to make the Axia a better-looking car. So much so that they even launched a dedicated variant just for the sake of giving Axia the stylish design it deserves.

Perodua Axia exterior

Some of the key exterior features of the Axia are-

  • Sporty rear bumper
  • Roof-mounted rear spoiler
  • Sporty roof mouldings
  • Sporty side skirting
  • Dual-tone side mirror
  • Sporty front bumper
  • Stylish large alloy wheels

Competitive pricing

Price is always one of the crucial factors that go into the buying-making decision of a customer. And who would know this better than Perodua, which has been making cars in and for Malaysia for many years now. Perhaps, that’s the reason why it has priced its Axia so competitively. 2019 Perodua Axia price begins from as low as RM 24,090! Yes, you get the most-basic variant but still, that’s a very low figure to beat. On the other hand, the top-end variant of the Axia is on sale for RM 43,190.

Following is the detailed price list of Perodua Axia variants-

Variant Price
E MT RM 24,090
G AT RM 33,490
GXTRA AT RM 34,990
STYLE AT RM 38,890
SE AT RM 38,890
AV AT RM 43,190

So we hope that now you would have a clear idea of why 2019 Perodua Axia is such a great buy.

Note- Some of the aforementioned features of Perodua Axia are variant-specific.

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