Perodua Myvi - Safety & accessories explained

Perodua Myvi - Safety & accessories explained

Perodua is one of Malaysia’s significant auto giants, and Myvi is among its top-selling models. Currently, in its third-generation, it redefines the mass segment, be it aesthetics, equipment list or reliability. The model was first launched in 2017 in the native market and is exported to other overseas markets including Singapore and Indonesia from Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is available with two engine choices-1.3L and 1.5L units, in manual and automatic versions in G, X, H and AV variants. The new Perodua Myvi specs sheet and other details are given in the table below.


Perodua Myvi engine

Available in five variants, the Perodua Myvi price in Malaysia starts from RM 42,790 and goes up to RM 54,090 for the top-spec grade. The complete price list for the hatchback is given below.

Perodua Myvi price

To keep the momentum going Perodua could either bring a special edition or a new variant in the coming months, though there is no official confirmation from Perodua yet.

Myvi safety features explained-

With most of the right boxes ticked, this petite hatchback has carved a niche in the segment. It carries most of the prominent bits, especially in the higher variants. However, being a B segment hatchback, it misses out on some of the amenities to curb pricing, albeit safety hasn’t been compromised.

Let us have a look at the standard kit which comprises of the following radical safety tech.

  • Front airbags
  • Side airbags
  • Anti-lock-braking system
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution

The four airbags, including dual front and side airbags, are standard across the line-up. Another basic feature is the anti-lock-braking system that prevents wheel lock-up on a wet surface or during panic braking, while the electronic brakeforce distribution channels braking force based on the load on each wheel.

Perodua Myvi airbags

While these basic features are standardized, there are other vital bits that can be availed even with the basic grade.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)- This feature keeps the vehicle stable and prevents it from spinning by retarding speed in each wheel which further prevents oversteering or understeering.

Traction Control (TRC)- This system applies brake individually to each wheel to provide more traction while accelerating on a slippery surface. It also reduces engine power to curb wheel spin for improved traction.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)-It enables hazard lights to flash at high speed when brakes are applied abruptly at high speed. This warns other vehicles and prevents collision. The hazard lights switch to a normal flashing speed if the vehicle stops completely, preventing the possibility of rear-end collision.

Perodua Myvi safety features

Other features such as reverse sensors, seatbelt reminder, anti-snatch hook and ISOFIX system with top tether are some of the other features that come standard with Myvi.

The mid-spec variant in the carline comes with some prominent additional features, these are hill start assist and front corner sensors.

Perodua Myvi safety kit

Hill Start Assist (HAS)- HSA prevents the vehicle from rolling back on a steep slope. This feature is useful when driving on winding routes, especially around hilly terrains.

While Advanced Safety Assist, reverse camera, side & curtain airbags and solar & security window film are available with the top-spec variant only.

Perodua Myvi ASA

Advanced safety Assist (ASA)-The ASA 2.0 available on the Perodua cars is a safety suite comprising active safety features such as pre-collision warning, front departure alert, pre-collision braking and pedal misoperation. The pre-collision warning warns the driver ahead of a collision and applies brake automatically if the driver does not respond to the audio visual warning. On the other hand, the pre-collision braking, also known as autonomous emergency braking, applies soft and hard braking to reduce the impact.

As for front departure alert, it alerts the driver when the car in front has departed in queue or traffic. While the pedal misoperation control detects a wall within four meters and prevents the vehicle from accelerating forward.

Perodua Myvi accessories explained-

Perodua provides some custom options to the owners to make their Myvi more attractive, and comfortable. However, the choice is limited with features such as door edge protector, magnetic shopping hook, magnetic hand phone holder, anti-slip mat. Some of the prominent accessories such as Smart Tracker and GearUp Smart TPMS are crucial from the perspective of safety and have been explained below.

Smart Tracker - It is an on-demand vehicle recovery and anti-theft device which functions on web-based tracking. The app is available for download on both android and iOS devices.

Perodua Myvi Gear Up

GearUp Smart TPMS - This is an app-enabled tyre pressure monitoring system that allows keeping a track of the tyre pressure in vehicle’s tyres in real-time. It has an in-built GPS, developed indigenously by Perodua. The in-car device comprises of four individual tyre sensors for each tyre and an in-car smart device. The tyre sensors transmit information to the in-car smart device through a Bluetooth system. Besides, the in-car smart device features four lights for each tyre, which lights-up and a beeping sound alert the driver in case pressure on any of the tyres reduces below 8 per cent.

Perodua Myvi accessories

Separate seats for infants (infant child seat) and toddlers (toddler child seat) could be availed over the standard features. The list of other accessories offered with the hatchback includes a fire extinguisher, cable booster, first aid kit, baseball bat steering lock, sun visor organizer, luggage organizer, luggage mat, a multipurpose container, refill pack, cabin filter, refill pack and air freshener with an odour eliminator. Aside from the aforementioned accessories, customers get to choose between the paper type, charcoal type and high air-flow type filters for the cabin. These accessories cost extra over the standard price, based on the variant.

Perodua Myvi rear

Belonging to the volume segment, the Perodua Myvi is a chic looking hatch with a decent looking cabin with room for five. Speaking of safety, the standard kit comprises of the basic active features, while the reverse camera comes only with the range-topping variant. Also, the choice of personalization is limited, there could be some improvement in future.

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