2019 Proton Persona: Changes explained

  • Mac 14, 2019

After launching its first-ever SUV, the X70, Proton has caught quite a pace when it comes to launching new products. Well, not entirely new but even facelifts would count. Proton Malaysia had a great start this year as the X70 achieved great selling numbers. Then we got to see the new Iriz which is scheduled to launch later this month. Now, we have got the 2019 Persona.

2019 Proton Persona exterior

The 2019 Proton Persona isn’t actually an all-new model, but there are some changes done, 303 tweaks to be precise, and effort has been put to address the issues that people had with the car. Proton has tried to make the new Persona facelift a more approachable, attractive, and feature-rich car than before. In this story, we will get you acquainted with the major changes.

Exterior changes

Yes, there are new elements on the outside of the new Persona which are easily noticeable. However, the entire silhouette of the car remains the same, and you can still identify it. Perhaps, that’s exactly what Proton wanted.

2019 Proton Persona top-view

Most of the exterior changes are confined to the front fascia of the car. We get to see a new front grille which Proton likes to call as “Ethereal Bow”. This is a single piece chrome grille that joins the two headlamps. Talking about the headlamps, they remain untouched but thanks to the grille they now tend to look new. The blacked out portion around the front grille has been given a new design as well. This is something that goes by the term “Infinite Weave” grille pattern. It looks nice though. We are already familiar with both these new terms as they have first been used in the Proton X70.

Moving on, Proton has also tweaked the design of the air intakes located in the front bumper. Also, there are new LED daytime running lights placed near the intakes.

2019 Proton Persona features

At the side of the car, you’d notice the new 15-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels. They are of the same size as before, but their appearance is new. And that’s what the facelift Persona is all about, new look. The dimensions of the new car remain unchanged which means that its side profile would continue to be a bit out of proportion. However, perhaps, the new alloy wheels would create an illusion of sorts to minimise the unproportionate look. The rear end of the 2019 Persona is also a familiar territory - nothing major here except the diffuser and its prominent chrome strip.

Interior changes

2019 Proton Persona cabin

There are three major changes in the interior of the new Proton Persona. First, the dual color theme. This makes the cabin appear airier and roomier than it actually is. We also like the color options as together they create an elegant look. Second, a new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is a variant of the Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI), which was developed with the collaboration of the ECARX.

2019 Proton Persona cabin features

It supports the new ‘Hi Proton’ voice control function which allows you to use certain predetermined actions. Third, a cleaner instrument cluster which now features updated dial design and also a larger color multi-info display. Apart from these, there is a new gear knob and a frameless rear-view mirror and also an inbuilt eSIM system.


2019 Proton Persona gearbox

Even though the engine of the new 2019 Proton Persona remains the same, a 1.6-litre mill which produces 107 horses and 150 Newton-meter of torque, the company has made some changes to make it more refined, responsive, and fuel efficient. Perhaps, this is somehow connected to the fact that Proton claims on an average the maintenance cost of the new car will be 32% lower than other sedans in this segment.

The 2019 Proton Persona price and launch date are yet to be confirmed by the car maker. However, what we know is that it will be launched this month itself. Chances are Proton would launch both the new Iriz and Persona together.


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