2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line: In Pictures

2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line: In Pictures

KUALA LUMPUR: Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia first introduced the all-new Golf R-Line in October 2021 and opened its bookings earlier this year. It was only recently that the automaker revealed the car’s asking price.


  • How much does the Golf R-Line costs?

    Available at just RM 170,560, the R-Line is the most affordable variant in the VW Golf range.
  • In how many variant options is the VW Golf offered in Malaysia?

    VW Malaysia offers the Golf hatch in three trim options - R-Line, GTI, and R.
  • Available at just RM 170,560, the R-Line is the most affordable variant in the VW Golf range that also includes the GTI (RM 212k) and R (RM 357k). Part of this pricing is a 5-year/unlimited-mileage warranty, five-year roadside assistance, and three-years of free maintenance.

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    Like the Golf GTI, the R-Line variant is also locally assembled in Pekan, Pahang. In this article today we’ll get to know the 2022 Golf R-Line a lot better with the help of several images. So, let’s get started -

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line exterior

    The Golf R-Line is a modern hatch with eye-catching and striking looks. It unmistakably looks like conventional Golf but with an innovative twist. The car gets several confident features inside and out including a leaner grille, narrow LED headlights, imposing bumper, and a cabin that’s both functional & comfortable.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line front design
    The 2022 Golf R-Line’s front profile features a sleek front grille that merges seamlessly with the narrow LED headlights. Also, the car sits lower to the ground for a more responsive drive.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line headlight
    VW’s new Golf R-Line gets full LED headlamps with a striking LED light strip that extends all the way across the radiator grille. Thus creating an unforgettable, continuous illumination.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line side
    The Golf R-Line looks good from every angle. The car’s side profile showcases R-Line aerodynamic exterior styling and drives on 17-inch alloy wheels.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line taillight
    The car’s rear profile is as attractive as it can get thanks to the new LED taillights with dynamic sequential indicator function.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line cabin
    The hot hatch benefits from VW’s quality interior design that includes sports seats and a new dashboard with innovative design with fewer buttons.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line ambient lighting
    The car gets an ambient lighting package with 5 modes and 30 individual colour options with adjustable intensity. Thus creating an impressive and unique space.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line instrument panel
    VW’s hot hatch offers intelligent connectivity thanks to the latest-gen of digital instruments that can be easily configured at just a touch of a button.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line infotainment system
    The Golf R-Line comes fitted with the Discover Media infotainment system that combines connectivity and navigation, all controlled by a 10-inch touchscreen color display.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line connectivity
    VW has tuned the car with Wireless App-Connect that allows for easy smartphone connectivity via Android Auto (from Google wirelessly) and Apple CarPlay.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line features
    The VW Golf R-Line’s voice control system lets one do several jobs like selecting between radio stations, change course on Sat-Nav, and even scroll through address books.

    2022 Volkswagen Golf R-Line sport seats
    The Golf R-Line gets no ordinary seats but super comforting and supporting sports seats that are incredible for long journeys.

    VW Golf R-Line 3-zone ‘Climatronic’ s
    The 3-zone ‘Climatronic’ system automatically cleans the air and ensures a healthy interior.

    Golf R-Line  details
    The Golf R-Line gets its very own air purification system that keeps pollen, particulates, and fungal spores from getting inside the car. The system uses an air quality sensor with an active biogenic filter and does a far better job than conventional pollen filters.

    Golf R-Line rear view camera
    The car’s boot comes with a built-in cam that gives the driver a clear view of obstacles behind the car, even the ones in motion.

    Golf R-Line engine
    Powering the Golf R-Line is the tried and tested 1.4-litre TSI engine that generates a maximum power output of 150 PS along with a peak torque of 250 Nm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm.

    Golf R-Line gearbox
    The drive is sent to the wheels via a fast and efficient 8-speed shift by wire automatic transmission that offers a relaxed and hassle-free drive.

     Golf R-Line XDS
    Golf R-Line comes with new XDS tech that grips the road while fast cornering.

     Golf R-Line  progressive steering
    The VW’s hot hatch comes with a progressive steering that checks the car’s speed and adapts the steering for a more comfortable, earlier, and engaging drive.

    VW Golf R-Line driving modes
    Be your driving style be sporty or economical, the Golf’s Driving Mode Selection lets the driver adjust the drivetrain to match personal driving style along with the current road and traffic conditions.

    VW Golf R-Line mileage
    The car’s superior aerodynamic styling and engineering helps it offer a combined fuel efficiency of 17.24 kmpl.

    VW Golf R-Line body structure
    The Golf’s safety structure is made to protect everyone in the car under an emergency situation. The car’s body is a user's high-quality steel (super-high-strength, high-strength, deep-drawing, ultra-high strength, and hot-forming) that has been extensively engineered for this purpose.

    VW Golf R-Line safety
    Part of the car’s safety kit is the Automatic Post Collision Brake System that applies the brake to prevent or mitigate a subsequent impact when the car is already involved in a collision.

    VW Golf R-Line rest assist
    A VW owner including Golf will get to see this sign on the instrument panel wherein the car asks the driver to take a break and relax on a long, tiring journey.

    VW Golf R-Line ESC
    VW’s Electronic Stability Control system detects critical situations at a fairly early stage and it keeps the car under control by stopping it from skidding.

    Which of the following VW Golf R-Line features do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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