Honda BeAT: Features we love

Honda BeAT: Features we love

The Honda BeAT is one of the best things that could happen to the Malaysian market. It the best-selling step through and for the same reason has taken the nation by storm. We love the tiny Honda and are always devising schemes to see how it will come back to our garage time and again. The Honda Beat has its work cut out as off late, there are many established players who want to join the party. So, here are the features that we love about the Honda BeAT.

Honda BeAT Front

The design

Agreed, the design isn’t timeless but it still is better than what you get in the market right now. But there are many people who prefer the unisex approach of this underbone motorcycle. The graphics and design itself aren’t loud and in fact, endears it to the masses. Honda has given a variety of graphic options for the BeAT. The muffler as well as the cycle parts are done in black and these withstand the test of time. The front forks look lean and mean business. The alloys too are done in the tasteful black colour that contrasts nicely with the graphics on board.

The Powerhouse

Engine is considered the heart of a machine and here in the Honda BeAT, it is nothing less than one. The BeAT comes with a single cylinder, 110 cc SOHC motor that is good for 8.77 PS at 7,500rpm and torque of 9.14Nm at 6,000rpm. The choice of transmission is a V-belt setup that is common in most of the scooters around. Honda claims a lofty 65 kmpl fuel efficiency and it is one of the scooters that have been given the Energy Efficient Vehicle tag in the category by the Transport Ministry. This is because Honda has tuned the engine to be as energy efficient as consuming 2.2-litres of fuel per 100 km. With a gentle throttle action, this figure is largely attainable.

Honda BeAT Rear


It is not the fastest scooter around nor the one with the highest top speed but the way the fuel injection works precisely with the engine is what beggars belief. The acceleration is linear and smooth and there are no flat spots in the rev range. Let alone flat spots, there are no vibrations either. Most of the small scooters and all on reaching their top speed (115 kmph for the BeAT) start vibrating, however, the Honda doesn’t. Instead, it maintains composure. This is certain to ease the fatigue of many a rider. It is also very silent in operation - next to an electric powertrain that is.


Honda makes use of disc brake in the front and drum at the back. While the disc itself is powerful, Combined Braking System or CBS as it is called ensures that there isn’t any nasty surprises for the rider or pillion. With CBS, when one presses the rear brake lever, even 40 per cent of the front brake pressure is applied. This reduces the braking distance. Noobies who usually rely on the rear brake will now find more confidence while stopping the underbone motorcycle. Honda has also given a neat feature wherein you cannot start the vehicle unless the stand is lifted. There is also the rear brake lock clamp that helps when the vehicle is parked on an incline.

Honda BeAT Graphic

Utility spaces

An underbone motorcycle doesn’t have too many utility spaces because of the limited real estate, however, the Honda BeAT still packs in much more than we could imagine. It fits in a few small bags under the seat, has proper cords to secure luggage, and what's more, it also has stowage spots near the handlebar. One can keep a cloth to wipe the vehicle or even the newspaper.

All these features and more make the Honda BeAT a desirable step through that's packed with best-in-class features. 


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