Yamaha XMAX 250 - Key Highlights

Yamaha XMAX 250 - Key Highlights

The maxi scooter design has become a medium to convey a sense of luxury in the scooter market. It is easy to see that we Malaysians have a real soft spot for this format, with the likes of Honda and Sym putting out so many maxi scooters to choose from. The latest attempt at this is the Yamaha XMAX 250, which was launched early this every year. Without further ado, here is a look at some of the best features of Yamaha’s biggest scooter in the country.

Yamaha XMAX 250 side

Modern and intuitive design

In a maxi scooter design, you sit in the scooter instead of, on top of it. That aesthetic has been executed very well on the XMAX 250. This however also makes it limited or let’s say best suited for urban driving. The XMAX makes no qualms about it. It is one of the best executions of this format. It has a low stance with just enough ground clearance. The seating position is compact but with adjustable handlebars and windshield, some adjustability is provided. The riding position makes good use of the ergonomics afforded by the maxi scooter design.

Yamaha XMAX 250 Features

The scooter takes a mature approach with styling with angular panels and a big silencer that gives it just a hint of aggression. The clean design is well complemented by the subdued color options on offer. There are modern touches like the all-around LED lighting, DRLs and the digital display nestled between the two analogue dials. Practicality is also a high point here, by using a smart key with remote locking fuel filler, along with an answer back system. The underseat storage itself is absolutely huge and can fit 2 full face helmets. It also comes with its own LED lighting. The front apron comes with two lockable storage compartments one of which has a 12 volts power outlet.

Yamaha XMAX 250 key features

Hi-tech engine

Yamaha has a host of technologies for its scooters and the XMAX 250 seemingly gets the whole gamut of them. In essence, it is a quarter litre single cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder and SOHC. It is fuel injected and water cooled. The engine employs Yamaha’s Blu Core technology for more optimal burning of fuel and to reduce energy loss during the same. It also uses Variable Valve Actuation to give the best balance between power and mileage depending on the rider’s needs. This makes the engine a jack of all trades. It can produce 16.8 kw of peak power at 7000 rpm. Peak torque of 24.3 Nm arrives at 5500 rpm. Instant power is always available on tap. The XMAX 250 can reach speeds of up to 140 kmph and also manage 30 kmpL. Thankfully it also comes with a large 11-litre tank. The engine also enhances the premium feel of the scooter by keeping noise levels low and being lightweight. It is also compliant with Euro 4 emission norms.

Yamaha XMAX 250 suspension

Best in class safety

For a premium scooter like this selling at around RM 22,000, safety cannot be given a low priority. The Yamaha, therefore, comes with a 267 mm disc brake at the front and a 245 mm disc on the rear wheel. ABS comes as standard, allowing the rider to make best use of the brakes without locking the wheels altogether. The XMAX 250 then ups the ante with a Traction Control System (TCS) on board. The TCS as the name suggests makes sure that rear tire never runs out of traction. This is done by reducing drive to the wheel whenever the rear tire starts losing grip. Such a system can come very handy especially in slippery road conditions. Traction control is normally only reserved for the more expensive cars and bikes and finding it here is a pleasant surprise indeed. The tires themselves are also grippy and wide Dunlop Scootsmart tires that provide excellent grip in all conditions.

Yamaha XMAX 250 front

The Yamaha XMAX then is a very practical, modern and well-equipped scooter that very well justifies its price. The thriving maxi scooter scene in the country is going to get a good shakedown because of its launch and make other manufacturers sit up and take notice.

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