Best B-Segment Cars Price Malaysia 2024

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35 Best B-Segment Cars Price Malaysia 2024

  • Chery Omoda 5
    Chery Omoda 5
    RM 108,800 - 118,800 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Omoda 5 Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Toyota Veloz
    Toyota Veloz
    RM 95,000 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Veloz Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 1 Variant
  • Honda HR-V
    Honda HR-V
    RM 115,900 - 141,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Honda HR-V Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Perodua Alza
    Perodua Alza
    RM 62,500 - 75,500 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Alza Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 3 Variants
  • Honda City
    Honda City
    RM 84,900 - 111,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    City Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Proton X50
    Proton X50
    RM 86,300 - 113,300 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Proton X50 Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 4 Variants
  • Toyota Yaris
    Toyota Yaris
    RM 88,000 - 91,600 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Yaris Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Perodua Ativa
    Perodua Ativa
    RM 62,500 - 73,400 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Ativa Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 6 Variants
  • Toyota Vios
    Toyota Vios
    RM 89,600 - 95,500 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Vios Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 2 Variants
  • Perodua Myvi
    Perodua Myvi
    RM 46,500 - 59,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Myvi Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Honda City Hatchback
    Honda City Hatchback
    RM 78,900 - 109,900 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    City Hatchback Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 5 Variants
  • Toyota Rush
    Toyota Rush
    RM 93,000 - 97,000 OTR Price Kuala Lumpur
    Rush Price VIEW APRIL OFFERS 2 Variants
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    • Vacuous steering, floaty ride

      I’m not planning to buy the Chery Omoda 5 anytime soon because my topmost priority is problem-free ownership experience and reliability which Chery won’t be able to deliver considering its turbulent history. The Omanda 5 has eye-catching looks and an attractive exterior but these things are now at the bottom of my list when it comes to buying a new

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      Trevin Mar 04, 2024 for Chery Omoda 5
    • A safe and stylish seven-seater

      Despite being classified as an SUV, the Veloz has exactly the same proportions as the Avanza which is a solid MPV. When I stepped inside the Veloz, I was struck by the ample roominess and sense of premiumness it offers. With thoughtful design elements and well-appointed materials, it takes the driving experience a notch higher. From intuitive infotainment options to

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      Awang Mar 11, 2024 for Toyota Veloz
    • Excellent for novice drivers

      Being a driving instructor, I can attest to the fact that countless students have benefited from the reliability and safety of the Honda HRV. It comes with expansive windows that offer clear visibility which is important for developing awareness on the road while driving. Its engine is well-tuned and it offers novice drivers the right amount of power, promoting controlled

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      Tarci Mar 07, 2024 for Honda HR-V
    • Well-knitted and very polished

      The size of the latest generation Perodua Alza has been significantly increased in comparison to its predecessor contributing to a comfortable ride experience. With expanded size, passengers can get ample space to stretch out and relax during both long journeys and short commutes. Whether it is luggage, groceries, or larger items this vehicle offers versatile storage options. However, on the

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      Panjang Mar 06, 2024 for Perodua Alza
    • One of the best sedans

      The Honda City is one of the best offerings in the sedan segment. While it may not have the best handling or most powerful engine, the entire package is unrivaled. The city has developed throughout time, remaining true to its heritage while embracing cutting-edge technology and safety measures. It is the only sedan in its category featuring Advanced Driver Assistance

      Read More
      NaZir Mar 07, 2024 for Honda City