Toyota Camry vs Nissan Teana: Which Japanese sedan to pick?

Toyota Camry vs Nissan Teana: Which Japanese sedan to pick?

If you take a look at the D-segment now, it is stagnating. Hyundai has given up on the Sonata for example. The units that they make these days are exclusive to the USA or for the Korean markets. Toyota and Honda with their Camry as well as the Accord respectively sell worldwide but sales aren’t anything to talk about. The switch to SUVs, both compact as well as full size was the reason for this.

nissan teana exterior

However, there are cars like the Nissan Teana which have remained vegetables. Nissan stopped updating the Teana but still continues to sell it worldwide. The car you see on these pages was last updated in 2013. So, how does it stack up against the best seller in the segment, the 2018 Toyota Camry? Let’s find out.

Looks that matter

Toyota camry exterior

In this segment, the looks and features are what matter to most of the people. In this case, the Camry design is what has a bit of flair. Before delving into the design, there is a bit of clarification to be done. Toyota offers the Camry with a set of two engines. Nothing new in that. However, the Toyota Camry variants and their design are dependent on the engines. For example, the Camry 2.0 gets a chrome grille and differently styled 17-inch alloys. It is no secret that in spite of being the top-spec trim, the Toyota Camry hybrid has a slightly more demure design. It gets a mesh grille and gone are the faux inserts that one finds in the front bumper. The Toyota Camry color options include Attitude Black, Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic, White Pearl, and Medium Silver Metallic. In terms of dimensions, the Toyota Camry measures 4,850 mm x 1,825 mm x 1,470 mm for the length, width and height respectively.

Nissan Teana Rear

If being subtle is your style, then you should take a look at the Nissan Teana. It has the family Nissan grille coupled with teardrop-shaped headlights and flush fitting bumpers. Nissan offers smaller 16-inch wheels as standard on the Teana but 17-inchers are available as an option. The rear of the car though looks like a prize fighter on his haunches. The LED elements in the lights look really cool and so do the twin exhausts. Nissan Teana colors include Tungsten Silver, Brilliant White, Bronze Gold and Diamond Black. The overall dimensions of the Teana are 4,885 mm x 1,830 mm x 1,485 mm in length, width and height respectively.

Inside drama

Nissan Trana Cabin

Both the cars here carry their personalities to the cabin as well. The Nissan Teana interior desperately needs an update. It looks dated and the use of faded black materials make it look even worse. The steering wheel hosts a lot of functions like the one for cruise control, audio and Bluetooth voice calls. It is also instantly recognisable as a Nissan unit since the same does duties even in other cars from the maker. What’s truly unique and brilliant are the zero-gravity seats. These provide with ample cushioning and reduce fatigue while travelling long distances. In the same vein, Nissan offers a powered driver and passenger seat. There is also dual-zone climate control with AC vents at the back. There are also rear blinds for the passengers. The boot space is 516 litres. The wheelbase stays at 2,775 mm. The Nissan Teana variants include XE, XL and XV.

Toyota Camry Cabin

The wheelbase of 2,775 mm is the same as the Teana. The Toyota Camry variants are 2.0 E, 2.0 GX and Hybrid 2.5 Luxury. Acoustic and heat rejecting glass are used. There is also a wooden inlay in the cabin. The front seats are powered and leather is offered as part of the upholstery. Toyota uses a superior 7-inch colour display as part of the infotainment system. This one also gets smartphone connectivity. Powered sunshades too are available. Toyota offers dual zone climate control with rear AC vents. Being the 2018 Toyota Camry, this one also offers wireless charging. What’s more, the rear passenger can even move the shotgun seat ahead by using a button. The backrest angle of the rear seat of the Camry also tilts to offer more comfort. The boot space of the Camry stands at 530 litres.

Under the hood

NISSAN Teana Engine


Here, the Nissan Teana engine options include a 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre petrol engines. The 2.0-litre naturally aspirated motor produces 136 PS of power and 190 Nm. The bigger 2.5-litre motor makes 173 PS and 234 Nm. Both the engines are available only with front wheel drive and with a CVT transmission.

Toyota Camry Transmission

If you take a look at the Toyota Camry engine options, then there are two here as well. The standard 2.0-litre motor puts out 167 PS of power and 199 Nm of torque. Toyota has tuned the 2.5-litre hybrid engine to make 160 PS of power and 231 Nm. While the smaller engine can be had with a 6-speed automatic, the bigger motor is available only with an e-CVT. An electric motor in the hybrid stores potential energy and converts it into kinetic energy to run the car. This translates to a higher fuel efficiency as well.

No chances with safety

 Nissan Teana Safety

Both the cars are loaded with safety features. The Nissan Teana boasts six airbags, traction control, vehicle dynamic control, active understeer control, rear parking sensors, reverse camera, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, ISOFIX tethers as well as Hill Start Assist.

Toyota Camry safety

The Toyota Camry safety features include seven airbags, ABS with EBD, Hill Start Assist, whiplash mitigating front seats, front and rear parking sensors, reverse camera, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and ISOFIX tethers.


The Toyota Camry price starts from RM 140,229 while that of the Hybrid starts from RM 160,662. If you take a look at the Nissan Teana price, it starts from RM 119,852 and goes up to RM 142,993. It is clear that both are neck to neck in terms of safety features and creature comforts. However, Nissan is unable to comment on if they will continue producing the Teana. If you can afford to take the risk, go for the Teana primarily because it is value for money here. If not, the slightly higher priced Camry will provide for fuss-free mobility for years to come.

Toyota Camry vs Nissan Teana Comparison

Toyota Camry
  • RM 188,763
Nissan Teana
  • RM 119,852 - RM 142,993
Camry vs Teana

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