Check out Ford's new over-the-air software update functionality, the Ford Power-Up

Check out Ford's new over-the-air software update functionality, the Ford Power-Up

KUALA LUMPUR: Yes, you read it just right. Ford had introduced a brand new over-the-air software update functionality, called the Ford Power-Up. Furthermore, Ford is also coming together with Amazon to tune its vehicles with hands-free Alexa. Via this voice-controlled tech, the driver can even control smart home devices while sitting in the car.

Ford vehicles that will support Power-Up functionality

Power-Up functionality

The Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 come with Sync 4 infotainment system that supports the newly introduced Power-Up. Next in-line to receive the technology is the super-rugged Bronco. As for the Ford Super Duty and Edge, they are scheduled to receive the functionality in the coming months.

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By the year 2028, around 33 million Ford vehicles will be tuned with Power-Up capability.

What improvements will the upcoming update bring along?

 Power-Up functionality

The Ford F-150 and Mach-E's upcoming over-the-air software update will include an advanced navigation system with conversational voice command recognition and add destination suggestion. Also, post the update the driver will be able to see turn-by-turn navigation on the instrument cluster via Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Another interesting bit is the addition of the Sketch app on the Mach-E infotainment system. As the name suggests it will enable the driver/passengers to draw on the screen with their fingers. Sure a fun way to pass time.

 Ford Power-Up functionality

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The Amazon Alexa capability will help control the vehicle and other Alexa-enabled devices via simple voice commands. The functionality is free for three years, post which owners will be required to purchase a subscription.

Ford Power-Up updates

The Ford Power-Up functionality's capabilities aren't just limited to the infotainment system but go far beyond. The same can be judged by the fact that the system can send upgrades to over 80 vehicle modules. As per Ford, it can tweak any of them as long as no hardware changes are required.

Ford over-the-air update

Usually, the installation is seamless, however, in case of a longer instal cycle owners can always schedule a time, for instance, an overnight slot when no one's using the car.

So, what are your thoughts on Ford's latest Power-Up functionality? Do let us know in the comments.

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