Bring the 2019 Yamaha X-Max home in new colors

Bring the 2019 Yamaha X-Max home in new colors

KUALA LUMPUR: We all love Christmas presents and new year delights, don’t we? To spice up your new year’s ride and give it more flair, you can take home the 2019 Yamaha X-Max in new colors now. The latest options made available by the Japanese automaker are called the Matte Blue and the Matte Red.

2019 Yamaha X-Max Side On

Don’t worry about the extra charges for the new finishes, because there aren’t any. The 2019 Yamaha X-Max in the new colors can be yours for the same RM 21,225 as before. Road tax, registration, and insurance are not included in the above-mentioned price, though.

2019 Yamaha X-Max Side On Red

Powering the 2019 Yamaha X-Max is a single-cylinder 4-stroke SOHC motor good enough for a maximum power of 22.8 PS at 7,000 rpm and a peak torque of 24.3 Nm 5,500 rpm. Yamaha’s Blue Core technology has been used in the scooter to deliver great power and better fuel efficiency at the same time. The power is then delivered to the rear wheel via a CVT unit.

2019 Yamaha X-Max Instrument Cluster

Equipped with disk brakes, there is a 14-inch alloy wheel at the rear and a 15-inch is found up front. The X-Max also comes with a fuel tank with a capacity of 13.2-litre and has an electric start as well. What’s better? The space under the seat can store two full-face helmets at once.

2019 Yamaha X-Max Charging Port

The lighting on the Yamaha X-Max is all LED and there is a switchable traction control too. The scooter comes equipped with ABS for better braking abilities and a 12-Volt charging outlet in the front cowl brings convenience at your door. The instrument cluster houses two analog panels and a digital LCD panel in the middle. Like the scooter? Head out to the nearest Yamaha showroom and get one for yourself.

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