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  • Stunning sports experience

    For a quarter liter sports bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL is simply an exceptional package. Over the past six months that I have owned and ridden it, it has exceeded all my expectations. With the signature Kawasaki Ninja styling theme, the sports bike is an absolute eye candy. But along with its sharp and bold appearance, it also offers

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    Thamiet Apr 12, 2024 for Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL
  • A stylish and capable adventure touring motorcycle

    I was in search of an affordable and reliable adventure touring motorcycle. While there were a lot of options available in the heavyweight segment, the QJ Motor SRT800 was a perfect fit in my budget and for my needs. I loved the unique and bold appearance of the motorcycle. It comes with a unique and sporty styling and has a

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    Trevin Apr 12, 2024 for QJ Motor SRT800
  • Very sustainable and economical

    If you want a fuel-efficient and reliable ride for daily commuting purposes, the Wmoto VE1 110 is simply a perfect moped. I am very happy with the motorcycle so far and it has truly been value for money. The moped is very practical and easy to ride with a spirited and efficient 110 cc engine that offers good performance as

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    Ehtisham Apr 12, 2024 for Wmoto VE1 110
  • Unique design and highly utilitarian

    The Wmoto Xtreme 150i is a very well-designed scooter. While I had no initial plans tp buy it, when I saw it at the showroom, I loved its unique styling. It looks different from all other scooters in its segment and is truly a distint package in the segment. I loved the bold and unique front profile which makes it

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    Uzair Apr 12, 2024 for Wmoto Xtreme150i
  • Bold and enjoyable

    The Wmoto ES250i is one of the best scooters in the 250 cc segment in Malaysia right now. After a lot of research, I decided to buy it and to be very honest, I am seriously elated to own it and it has exceeded all my expectations so far. The scooter comes with a bood and sporty design featuring an

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    Tagako Apr 12, 2024 for Wmoto ES250i
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