And the European Product Design Award 2021 goes too...

And the European Product Design Award 2021 goes too...

KUALA LUMPUR: For those who aren't aware, the European Product Design Award is a design competition designed to recognise the efforts of talented products designed globally. The jury panel evaluates thousands of design projects from around the world to select the most innovative, exciting, and functional products. Therefore, making it quite a big deal for a car to achieve.

This year the prestigious "Product Design of the Year" 2021 from the European Product Design Award goes to none other than the Maserati supercar, MC20. The same car was also honoured with “Winner” in Transportation/Other Transportation Design categories and “Top Design Winner” in Transportation/Auto/Truck/Mobile Home.

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European Product Design Award 2021 WINNER

“Our mission was to design a car that would be remembered in the future as the model that launched the Maserati New Era. And I think we’ve achieved our goal with MC20. We are honoured to receive this coveted accolade, which recognises the work of an entire team, who have made a whole-hearted commitment to this unique project," said Maserati Head of Design, Klaus Busse.

The Maserati MC20 is a combination of elegance and sporting prowess and is designed by Centro Stile Maserati in Turin. It is truly a masterpiece, the first of its kind with which Maserati commenced its new era.

 Maserati MC20

Every inch of this car shouts innovation and every design detail you can see is functional. Take for instance, its butterfly doors they are not only stunning to look at but improve the car's ergonomics.

In true Maserati-style, the MC20 represents the pure form of speed. The focus on performance is so much that the car showcases a distinct personality, unmistakable lines, and refined aerodynamics.

Speaking of performance, the MC20's is powered by a V6 Nettuno engine that's been designed, developed, and built entirely by the automaker. It makes max power of 630 hp and completes the century sprint in 2.88 seconds before attaining a top speed of 326 kmph.

Last but not the least, the MC20 is a 100% made in Italy vehicle that is developed by Maserati Innovation Lab and built at the Modena factory.

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