Tips and tricks to keep your car clean this rainy season

  • Ogos 24, 2018

If you are a car owner, you must know how it feels when you wash your car every morning to watch it get dirty after a drive through the waterlogged, muddy streets. This is a common problem with all car-owners in Malaysia during the rainy season, irrespective of the model they own or their style of driving.

car cleaning tips - rainy season

So, here we are with a few tips to help you keep your car clean during these days. Read along!

Cleaning the windows regularly

Dirty windows not only look bad but can also prevent you from viewing the streets clearly, thereby leading to accidents. Cleaning should be done not with mere water but using a proper glass cleaner. Make sure that you avoid ammonia-based cleaners as they can cause the rubber seals of the car to dry out. Apply the cleaner and wipe it with cloth in different directions to make the existing marks invisible.

car window cleaning

Also, make it a point to clean the windows as quickly as possible after a heavy shower or a drizzle of rain. This is because the water, on seating for a long duration of time, can leave watermarks that are difficult to remove.

Removing the watermarks

As already stated in the last point, the surface of the car is likely to get watermarks during monsoon, thereby spoiling its look. Also, rainwater may contain some harmful elements considering the levels of pollution these days. The remedy is to clean them by using one part regular white vinegar mixed with one part distilled water.

car watermarks

Also, there are a number of rubbing compounds available in the market that can be used for the purpose. However, vinegar proves to be the best and cheapest option. However, wash your car with some good shampoo to remove the usual dust and dirt.

Waxing it when the sun shines

Rainy days are no doubt gloomy, wet and muddy but the sun will shine at some part of the day or at least after two-three days. This is the time to get your car waxed. Waxing will help the contaminants leave the surface easily or in other words will help you to clean it in an easier way the next time dirt sticks to its surface.

car waxing

But make sure that the wax you use has the appropriate hardness and a high melting point. It should also be easy to apply and to buff off. Also, pure cotton or microfiber applicator pads should be used for application purpose.

Protecting the shine

car shampoo

Mere waxing is not enough. You need to protect the wax coat and a good-quality shampoo is required for the same. We normally look for brands that can remove the dust and dirt very quickly and effectively. However, we forget that the shampoo should also be mild enough to preserve the wax coating. One should not use a shampoo that will be too harsh on the surface and thus would cause the pretty shine of the car to be lost with time.

Giving it a quick shine at times

You may be in a situation where it is difficult to find water to clean up your car. To handle such situations effectively, you need to get hold of waterless wash and wax that would help in giving a fresh and shiny look to it even after a ride through the dirty road.

car cleaning without water

The waterless car shine is usually a high-lubricity spray detailer that is pre-mixed and is mainly used to clean a car when the accumulated dirt is relatively less. It is not appropriate for cleaning high amounts of dirt or mud. So, use it in between washes when you don’t have access to water and need to give a quick shine to your vehicle.

There are a number of online as well as offline platforms selling these products but you should choose your seller wisely so that the products delivered are of good quality and are best-suited for the vehicle.

Apart from following these tips and tricks, also make sure that the openings in your car are properly sealed so that water does not leak inside. Getting the seats cleaned from the garage may also be considered occasionally to avoid the damp. You may also use a car freshener of the fragrance of your choice to add a fresh vibe to the interiors!

Put a little bit of effort on your car this rainy season to enjoy the great benefits that it can offer you during these days.


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