Honda Wave Alpha - Features explained

Honda Wave Alpha - Features explained

Honda has not been entirely clear about whether the new model of their market-leading product, the Wave will land on the Malaysia shores or not. And frankly we can totally understand their logic. Why fix something that isn’t broken in the first place.

Honda Wave Alpha Angle Image

The Wave Alpha was first launched in 2015. Since then it has been an unmitigated success for the company. The undisputed market leader has only recently been revamped late last year and is set to continue with its high sales record. Here are some of the most important features that make the Honda Wave Alpha such a hit with the Malaysian commuter crowd.

Stylish looks and practical features

The most recent upgrade has given the Wave the moniker of MMC (Minor Model Change, yes really). This upgrade was not entirely cosmetic, but it does take it up a notch on the looks front. The Wave was not exactly ugly to begin with. For an underbone at this price point, the Wave Alpha is equipped with black racy alloys and a sporty exhaust. The blackened engine components with the dark wheels gave it a compact stance. The scooter inspired front apron is very practical while also giving the Wave Alpha an old-school charm.

Honda Wave Alpha Front

The only criticism that can be drawn against the bike’s design are the indicators which look like an afterthought. The minor model change has introduced the bike to a whole host of new colors. The cast wheel variant can now be bought in metallic pearl finish that glows in the sunlight like a butterfly’ wings. Looking for something sportier instead? The Wave now comes in sporty Honda racing livery - inspired from its one-make race series - with three different color combinations to choose from. These include blue, red, and black for the metallic and the sports edition. Also, included in the revamp is the new and more comfortable grab rail. The under seat storage area has also made it to the new version. As has the single disc brake on the front for the alloy wheeled version. The instrumentation also does a very good job of displaying the relevant speed, distance, and fuel level. It comes with a gear indicator which is a really pleasant surprise at this price range.

Efficient and environment-friendly engine

Being a Honda, the engine in the Wave was already a refined and reliable piece of equipment. It was so efficient in fact that the government rated as an energy efficient vehicle, as it could achieve fuel economy figures of over 55 kmpl. The new upgrade has not fiddled with the engine so much. The bike also has the same light weight as before at just 98 kg. It is still the same air-cooled and carbureted 4-Stroke SOHC 110 cc engine that makes 6.14 kW and 8.59 Nm of torque. It is however now Euro III compliant thanks majorly to its new exhaust. This then allows the bike to have the same performance figures with the ability to reach speeds of up to 105 kmph.

Honda Wave Alpha Side

Honda didn’t even have to resort to fuel injection which would have definitely made the bike more expensive, prohibiting people from buying it. Much of the appeal of the Wave comes from being an affordable Honda that is also very fuel efficient and reliable. The Wave Alpha ticked all the necessary boxes and any change in the formula could have spelt disaster.

Easy to buy and live with

The idea behind the Wave was to replicate the success of the legendary Honda Super Cub. The Wave largely succeeded in this endeavour. This was despite the fact that Hondas make up the more premium end of the 4 major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. The Wave Alpha MMC then with its single front disc and alloy wheels costs just over RM 4,500. Even the sports edition with its racy livery costs just RM 500 more than the standard version. There is also a spoked wheel and drum brake version that sells for an even cheaper price.

This price point puts it in direct competition with the likes of Modenas. Yamahas will start to seem absurdly priced at this point. Not just this, but with the ubiquitous presence of Honda in Malaysia, parts and service availability will not be a problem.

The Honda Wave Alpha is an extremely capable motorcycle for the price. It even has a one-make race that runs parallel to the Malaysian Cub Prix. What more do you want from an affordable, reliable and fuel efficient cub that is supposed to be a commuter? It is only natural that this humble underbone has seen an amazing demand for itself since the very early days of its launch. Of course, it is not perfect. The fuel tank is minuscule and the indicators look ugly. Still, it should satisfy the needs of the most discerning commuters.

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