Yamaha Y15ZR: Features explained

Yamaha Y15ZR: Features explained

A very lucrative as well as tricky market is that of the kapchai or underbone motorcycle. These mopeds as they are also popularly known tend to be of a low capacity, very fuel efficient and good at lugging loads. No wonder, they are the choice of the common man in most Southeast Asian countries. We are no exception to them as well. However, now that you get while it is lucrative, here is the tricky part. How much can you do with your kapchai? That’s the question which has befuddled many a manufacturer. The bare basic you make the moped, chances are the lower income groups will lap it up. Make it a bit upmarket and there still will be audience. However, up the style quotient as well as the cubic capacity and maybe, then you’re in the niche side of things. Here the buyer has a bit of money to spend and may not even want to go in for a kapchai anymore.

Exactly what Yamaha may have thought when it launched the updated Y15ZR. The Yamaha Y15ZR price is also lucrative at RM 8,361. A quick review of the Yamaha Y15ZR will tell you that this is a vehicle that aims to eclipse the performance envelope in its segment. The Yamaha Y15ZR specifications has been the talking point. Apart from this, are there any other features that need to be explored? Let’s find out.

Yamaha Y15ZR engine

It is no secret that Yamaha makes a gem of engines. Be it of any capacity. The Y15ZR then is no different. The fuel injected liquid cooled SOHC single cylinder mill makes 15.26 PS of power at 8,500 rpm. The torque is rated at 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm, with a compression ratio of 10.4:1. Yamaha has mated the engine to a 5-speed manual transmission. The ignition of the air fuel mix is due to the TCI and there is no kick start provided for revving up the engine. Instead, an electric start has been given. This engine, as can be seen from the revolutions it makes at the given speed, is a high revving one. Performance is brisk off the line, however, a higher top speed is sacrificed. The best part is the way the motor sounds smooth at all speeds. A 0-100 kmph time of 12.4 seconds along with a top speed of 125 kmph can be expected from this 115 kg vehicle. The exhaust note too belies the vehicle’s size and instead projects an impression of a much bigger bike.

Come to think of the Yamaha Y15ZR performance, and you will easily mistake it for a much bigger bike. In terms of efficiency, the Yamaha Y15ZR mileage was close to 50 kmpl. This coupled to a 4.2 litres fuel tank means easily a range of 210 km.


These are point A to B machines. However, now that we are talking about a higher displacement vehicle, it is sort of clear that an enthusiast will be buying this. He wants his commute to run better than the other competing vehicles in the market. He also wants it handles well enough. In this aspect, Yamaha has tuned the vehicle to have a very predictable and confident handling characteristic. This ensures that the moped stays on the intended path without losing composure. The front is a telescopic suspension whereas the rear is a monoshock.

Complementing the stellar handling are a pair of discs at the front and rear. The sticky rubber comes in 70/90-17M/C (38P) and 120/70-17M/C (58P) sizes for the front and rear respectively. The steering, as well as the riding posture, have been kept at a neutral position. The setback for the rider is slightly stepped up.


A ride, however primitive it is, needs to look good, isn’t it? To that effect, the Yamaha has managed to make the Y15ZR moped as stylish as possible. There are LED strips on the front apron which make quite a statement. There is a halogen headlamp on the top of the steering. Yamaha uses part digital analogue instrument cluster for the Y15ZR moped. This instrument cluster hosts the fuel gauge, the odometer, speedometer, trip meter and the tell-tale lights. The white background looks especially nice as well. Yamaha has also used nice contrast stitching for the moped. The tail light too is an LED unit and looks very similar to the one in the R3. This gives it a sporty appearance.

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