Modenas Dominar ‘Explore the Unexplored’ ride takes participants camping

Modenas Dominar ‘Explore the Unexplored’ ride takes participants camping

KUALA LUMPUR: The ‘Explore the Unexplored’ ride by Modenas Domiar will reach its grand finale next weekend. And the company is in full-mood to end this epic program on a rather exciting note, thus doing something grand for all the participants.

Modenas Dominar ‘Explore the Unexplored’

For the final edition, the riders will start their journey early in the morning on July 13th, 2019. They’ll begin from Juru Auro City, Perai and head over to Cameron Highlands to enjoy the weather. From there the convoy will move towards Bentong via the mesmerizing Cameron Highlands, Sungai Koyan road. And finally, the caravan will end at the beautiful Rimba Valley Motorcamp in Janda Baik. Here participants will get to camp under the sky full of stars and near the crystal clear water.

We’ll like to inform you that the same Rimba Valley Motorcamp will also host the Rimba Raid event, scheduled for next week.

Rimba Valley Motorcamp

Coming back to the ‘Explore the Unexplored’ ride final destination, while the company bears all lodging, refreshments, and food cost, riders will have to pay for fuel.

It was shortly after the launch of the Dominar 400 when Modenas began the ‘Explore the Unexplored’ initative. As can be known from the name, it isn’t a single-mode ride to exotic destinations around Peninsular Malaysia. Riders can also ride to share experiences and locations with Dominar 400 international riders.

Rimba Valley Motorcamp FINAL

A best-picture captured contest is in-swing for local Dominar owners, and participants can take part in fun games at the destinations and win attractive prizes.

Riders can register by sending an email at Note, pillions cannot register.

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