Top 10 coolest celebrity cars

Top 10 coolest celebrity cars

KUALA LUMPUR: Here's the list of the most jaw-dropping and expensive cars owned by the celebrities. You may surely afford one of these if you someday win a lottery.

1. Maybach Exelero


Worth $8 million, this car is one of a kind showcasing Jay Z's immense wealth. This is no longer a surprise that he is always on the list of wealthiest people in the world in Annual Forbes. The car runs on a speed of 218 mph despite its weight of more than 2.66 tons. In just 4.44 seconds, the car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph.

2. Purrai


This striking vehicle with a Nyan Cat theme is owned by the famous Musician and Artist Deadmau5 aka Zimmerman. The Ferrari 458 Spyder can be seen whizzing on the lanes of Toronto, CA which is often used to bring other celebrities on his famous “coffee runs”. While his fans love his car, the Ferrari forced him to remove the classy wrap and all Ferrari logos from the car which he now sold it for $380,000.



T-Rex is technically a motorcycle called as “T-Rex”. Owned by Rob Dyrdek, this car is a crazy little sports-car motorcycle like a dtreet legal machine which completely looks like a Storm Trooper's head. It perfectly fits with Dyrdek's “Fantasy Factory” on which there exists a footage of the crew playing with it.

4. Fisker Karma


An electrically-powered luxury sedan is owned by Justin Bieber which he received on his 18th birthday of worth $100,000. It's chrome version is certainly the attractive one in the day time but eventually lacked to draw attention at night and for this reason Beiber tricked his fresh whip with sick underbody LED lights which eventually is ILLEGAL.

5. Bentley GT Continental


The heiress to the Hilton hotels, Paris Hilton bought herself a Christmas present in the form of a Bentley GT Continental. She wanted her car to be special and hence she placed an order for a diamond-encrusted dashboard worth $285,000. Being a real fan of barbie-doll, she always wanted a pink car which perfectly matches with her outgoing personality.

6. Lamborghini Aventador


Chris Brown is continuing his love affair with Lamborghini which is painted to match his Nike Air sneakers. It features a multitude of matte carbon fibre components like the rear wing, side skirts, front splitter, wing mirrors and rear diffuser. It cost $500k.

7. Ferrari F430


Kim Kardashian is placed tenth on the list of owning a Ferarri F430 worth $186,925. While she is mostly seen with her Bentley GT Continental, her Ferrari is more expensive and attractive. Interestingly enough, she got the car as a wedding gift for her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries.

8. Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead


This magnificent beast cost $407,000. The famous soccer star “David Becham” is often seen cruising around the Beverly Hills area with his sons. The magnificent car is now even more expensive with all the customizations that has been installed in it. After few more changes, he has redefined Roll Royce and gave it entirely a unique and elegant look.

9. Bugatti Veyron


The list of owners for Bugatti Veyron is on top from others. Many stars have elected to buy a version of the car “Top Gear” named 'Car of the Decade' for the 2000s. The list of owners includes Chris Brown, Birdman, Lil Wayne, Simon Cowell, Chris Angel, T-Pain, Xzibit and Flo Rida.

10. Porsche 959


Seinfeld owns one of the coolest cars in his collection which was the fastest street car debuted in 1986. It is one of the coolest cars in his collection and is one of the most advanced for its time. He has his own super-secret subterranean compound in which he houses his collection for the dozen of Porsches.

So, Admire the beauties and wait for more.


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