Which all-wheel-drive SUV options to buy in Malaysia right now?

Which all-wheel-drive SUV options to buy in Malaysia right now?

It has been a much talked about topic in Malaysian motoring circles in recent months as flash floods seem to be a monthly issue and many inner-city households have lost their cars and MPVs to flash floods.

What we have to say is this, floods have also taken away many pickup trucks and SUVs and this is a fact. So before you rush out to buy a brand new 4x4 equipped SUV to avoid vehicle flooding, look at the many flooded SUVs being stranded in workshops and official dealerships right now.

Still, for the many car buyers who still want an SUV, an all-wheel drive vehicle or a high riding vehicle is on their purchase ‘radar’, so, here are our suggestions for you to absorb.

Subaru XV

 We will start with the lowest priced new 4x4 SUV you can buy right now. The Subaru XV facelift, which arrived just last year. This proper off-road driving machine comes fully loaded with features you will find in the larger and more expensive Subaru Forester. This XV is priced from RM 139,788 and is equipped with proper mud and dirt driving modes and let's not forget EyeSight safety features.

Next comes the Mazda CX-5 which is a good looking SUV and Mazda’s best selling vehicle. This midsize SUV sells from RM 148,000 for the 4x4 version and there is also a turbocharged high specification version for RM 174,000.

Mazda CX-5

 Side by side with this CX-5 is another Subaru, the Forester which sells for RM 163,788 and carries a 4x4 drivetrain that allows for dirt and mud driving modes. Plus, there are EyeSight safety features.

The few other 4x4 SUVs in this segment is about to be replaced with brand new versions and so we will not be suggesting them at all (Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Proton X70, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V, Toyota RAV4).

Hyundai Santa Fe

 If your budget can be stretched a little higher, there is a Hyundai Santa Fe which is quite large with 3 rows of seats and two engine possibilities. A diesel or petrol and a proper 4x4 system underneath its muscular shell. This Korean SUV sells for RM 208,638 and has all the features to go almost where the rest can go. 


Side by side with the Santa Fe is the RM 208,368 BMW X1 sDrive18i. Because it carries a BMW badge its price is high when compared to its living space. Sized and with features like the Subaru Forester which is some RM 40,000 plus lower. The X1 continues to sell well despite being less versatile off-road. 

Isuzu DMax

The above are all somewhat luxurious and well equipped for the tarmac and also the dirt road, but if you think you need a proper 4x4 vehicle, then a lifestyle pickup truck should also be considered. Start by looking at the newest arrival, the Isuzu D-Max which has an SUV cabin and a 4x4 system with prices starting from RM 121,549 for the 1.9L Diesel to RM 141,938 for the 3.0L X-Terrain top specification model.

Mazda BT-50

 Priced just RM1,000 plus more than the D-Max is the all-new Mazda BT-50 pickup truck which is a very close sibling to the Isuzu D-Max and comes from the same factory, but with a very different exterior styling only. 

The rest of the pickup trucks will be seeing all-new models coming in the next 12 months or so and thus, it is best to keep to the two mentioned models above. 

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