2019 Yamaha Y15ZR - Buyers guide

2019 Yamaha Y15ZR - Buyers guide

Considering the popularity of the Y15ZR in the moped segment, Yamaha Malaysia launched an updated version of the same earlier this year. The new 2019 model saw some noticeable changes and new features that make it that much more desirable. And at the same time, it costs lower than the previous model. New features at a lesser price, a strategy that Yamaha opted for to further boost the popularity of the Y15ZR. So we thought of bringing you a complete buyer’s guide so that you are very much aware of what exactly the new 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR is all about.

2019 Yamaha Y15ZR side

New features

Being a buyer, you should know what are the new features that have been added in the 2019 model, and whether you’d fancy them or not. Following are the changes that you’d find in the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR.

Revamped headlight

Yamaha has replaced the old headlight with a new LED unit which looks pretty cool. Its sporty and aggressive styling goes well with the moped’s overall styling. Yamaha says that the new headlight is divided into three parts, out of which two are for low beam and the remaining one is for high beam. This has been done to provide as much illumination as possible at all time without interfering the incoming traffic.

2019 Yamaha Y15ZR instrument cluster

New instrument console

Keeping things modern in the 2019 Y15ZR, Yamaha has provided a new fully digital LCD instrument console. It shows a plethora of information like speed, gear position indicator, fuel level, time, tachometer, and much more. With the blue background and white fonts, it is quite legible in all lighting conditions. Also, there are a few conventional tell-tale lights located about the screen.

Attractive graphics and decals

To enhance the Y15ZR’s road presence, Yamaha has revised the set of graphics and decals in the new model. Now they are more in conjunction with Y15ZR’s sporty styling and would definitely lure in more young buyers than before. We especially like the Y15ZR logo on the side fairing.

2019 Yamaha Y15ZR graphics

Wider front tyre

The 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR comes with a wider front tyre. This serves three main purposes. First, it enhances the front look of the moped. Second, it provides a larger surface area in contact with the ground underneath thus improving the braking performance. Third, it gives you better grip and comfortable ride. If you are wondering about its size, it is 70/90-17M/C.

New dimensions

Looking closely at the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR specs, we found out that its dimensions have been slightly altered compared to that of the previous model. The new Y15ZR is now higher and longer by 20 mm and 15 mm respectively. It is also 2 kg heavier. But it is still light and compact and is easier to handle and manoeuvre in city traffic.

2019 Yamaha Y15ZR front

These were the new features that Yamaha added in the 2019 model of the Y15ZR. Apart from these, the rest of the moped remains exactly the same. It continues to draw power from the same 150 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine which churns out 15 bhp of max power at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of peak torque at 7,000 rpm. The braking is handled by disc brakes at both ends. It handles pretty well, especially in the dense traffic conditions. It has a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 litres.

We hope that the aforementioned details about the new Y15ZR are more than enough for you to help make a buying decision. Available in four colour options - blue, red, dark blue, and grey, the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR price for the Malaysian market is RM 8,168 which is 193 bucks cheaper than the previous model.

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