Yamaha Malaysia recalls 2019 YZF-R25 and XMax

Yamaha Malaysia recalls 2019 YZF-R25 and XMax

KUALA LUMPUR: Attention owners of the 2019 Yamaha YFZ-R25 and XMax! Yamaha Malaysia has issued a recall notice for the two bikes which mentions a voluntary parts replacement service. The rear bike lever is the defective part in question, and it will be replaced in both the XMax and new YZF-R25.

Yamaha  XMax

Frame numbers included in the replacement exercise for XMax scooters are as follows -

  • PMYSG4010K0001727 – 01766
  • PMYSG4010K0001767 – 01806
  • PMYSG4010K0001807 – 01846
  • PMYSG4010K0001847 – 01886
  • PMYSG4010K0001887 – 01926
  • PMYSG4010K0001927 – 01966
  • 01967 – PMYSG4010K0002006

As for the new YZF-R25, bikes with the following frame numbers require the replacement -

2019 Yamaha YZF-R25 recall

  • PMYRG1520K0000127 – 0166
  • PMYRG1520K0000207 – 0246
  • PMYRG1520K0000247 – 0286
  • PMYRG1520K0000287 – 0326
  • PMYRG1520K0000327 – 0366
  • PMYRG1520K0000367 – 0406
  • PMYRG1520K0000407 – 0446

Don’t worry, if you are not able to judge whether or not your bike falls under the recall, as Yamaha Malaysia will be soon sending official notifications to the concerned owners.

Yamaha  XMax recall

The process will start from mid-June 2019. Following this, the owners of the affected vehicle would be required to contact Hong Leong Yamaha Motor branches or authorized Yamaha dealer and make a service appointment. Until that happens, owners are advised to use their XMax and YZF-R25 as per the owner’s manual instructions.

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