Yamaha Y15ZR - Features explained

Yamaha Y15ZR - Features explained

The Yamaha Y15ZR has been one of the top-selling bikes ever since its launch in the Malaysian market. A moped designed with sporty looks, the underbone structure of the vehicle comes equipped with a plethora of features, targeted mainly for the younger audience.

Yamaha Y15ZR front

The Yamaha Y15ZR V2 was unveiled in the Malaysian market in June 2019 and has a lot of updates over the older V1 generation. Even with the new generation update, the moped does not compromise on the performance as it is as powerful as any motorcycle in the class. The new generation model gets a bigger tyre to offer extra stability and better traction. Aesthetically too, it looks extremely sporty and attractive and is definitely worth a “woo” once you are out on the roads.

The Yamaha Y15ZR price starts at RM 8,200, which means, it is quite affordable and would be perfect for all types of buyers and riders. It is available in peppy colors and is lightweight as well, an indication that even female riders will love to get a share of this sporty underbone.

Yamaha Y15ZR

Single-cylinder engine

The Yamaha Y15ZR comes equipped with a 150cc, single-cylinder SOHC engine, which gets liquid cooling for superior performance on long rides. The motor is capable of producing 15.1 bhp of maximum power at 8,500 RPM while churning out a peak torque of 13.8 Nm, which comes at just 7,000 RPM. The engine comes mated with a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox, the power delivery of this bike is highly practical on the streets.

Yamaha Y15ZR engine

Enhanced sporty designing

To start things off, the Yamaga Y15ZR color options include blue, red, cyan and grey. The front section is extremely attractive and innovative, especially the LED headlamps. The indicators in the V2 variant of the Y15zr are placed in a DRL-style placement within the main body section.

The rear end provides a perfect finish to sportiness. The exhaust pipe is very muscular and offers a butch appeal. The single piece is well contoured and slanted to offer a better seating position both for the rider and pillion.

Yamaha Y15ZR side

LCD instrument console

When it comes to the practical bits, the Yamaha Y15ZR does not shy away at all. There is an all-new LCD display screen for the riders, which is more legible and has a plethora of information. The screen offers information like a digital tachometer, gear position indicator, odometer, fuel gauge, speedometer, etc. There is one LED light on the handle for the high beam and two small ones for the low beam.

Yamaha Y15ZR console

Efficient Braking

Also, the presence of disc brakes for both the wheels makes it better in terms of stopping power. The brakes have a decent bite upon the press of the level, much like any conventional two-wheeled motorcycle. It has a really long wheelbase so as to offer good stability even at high speeds. 

Yamaha Y15ZR


The 17-inch wheels now get a wider 90-section front tyre, while the rear gets a 120-section rubber to offer more traction and road grip. The 5-spoke design on the alloy wheels looks utmost attractive, especially with the yellow tone on the grey body. The Y15ZR feels much more confident to ride than most other mopeds that ride on 14-inch wheels. 

Yamaha Y15ZR wheels

Practical Performance

 A very practical and high performing bike, the Y15ZR features some of the most impressive utilities for smooth and efficient riding experience. The peak power comes at a high 8,500 RPM, which means it is rev-happy on the open roads. The tachometer goes up to 12,000 RPM, but the engine feels a little out of breath if you ride over 10,000 RPM for a long time. You will hardly feel any lags on the gear pedal, even when rapid downshifting. With such power, the performance is sure to be on the better side. 

The presence of liquid-cooling ensures that the engine is in good condition even when you are riding for a very long time. With its 4.2-litre fuel carrying capacity, the vehicle weighs at around 117 kg, making it 20 kg lighter than most of the motorcycles in the 150cc segment.

Yamaha Y15ZR

If any buyer is looking for a new underbone moped in the Malaysian market and would not mind spending a little over RM 8,000 for a quality two-wheeler, the Yamaha Y15ZR is definitely an amazing option to go for, without the slightest doubt.

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