Bugatti now offers certified pre-owned Chiron and Veyron

Bugatti now offers certified pre-owned Chiron and Veyron

KUALA LUMPUR: The certified pre-owned car programs are usually a thing of the mainstream automakers like Toyota, Volkswagen or Honda. But as you can read the title, the exotic hypercar maker Bugatti is now also in the game, although targeting super-rich people. 


  • Which models are offered under the Bugatti Certified Pre-Owned Program?

    Under its Certified Pre-Owned Program, Bugatti is offering pre-owned Chiron and Veyron models.
  • Is there any warranty on certified pre-owned Bugatti cars?

    Yes, Bugatti provides a one-year limited warranty with certified pre-owned cars with coverage for all parts and labour for mechanical and electrical items.
  • Pre-Owned Bugatti cars

    Under its latest Certified Pre-Owned Program. Bugatti is offering pre-owned Chiron and Veyron models. The program is designed to give peace of mind to the customers while ensuring the absolute highest standards of quality. The vehicles will come with a new hallmark of quality and official certification of the car’s status.

    As a part of the program, all authorised Bugatti Service Partners around the globe can sell the said pre-owned cars. 

    Pre-Owned Bugatti cars

    More importantly, the automaker is also providing a one-year limited warranty with these models. The limited warranty of the Certified Pre-Owned Chiron is quite comprehensive with coverage for all parts and labour for mechanical, electrical, corrosion, or paintwork issues. However, in the case of the Certified Pre-Owned Veyron, the automaker will get you covered for mechanical and electrical items, along with parts and labour. 

    Pre-Owned Bugatti cars

    Bugatti further ensures that all warranty work will be undertaken only at authorised service partners with the fitment of genuine Bugatti replacement parts. These parts will have a separate two-year warranty covering replacement and labour. The buyers will also get an inclusive annual service within the first year of the purchase at any authorised service centres.

    Take note that mentioned warranty terms are applicable worldwide, which means if you buy the car in the Middle East and eventually drive it to Europe, you can get the coverage at any European Bugatti Service Partners.

    Pre-Owned Bugatti cars

    Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “The Veyron and Chiron are true automotive icons, hyper sports cars that set breathtaking new standards. Our new Certified Pre-Owned program means that those who want to savour the incomparable excellence of the Veyron and Chiron by opting for previously enjoyed examples, can now benefit from the exemplary customer service and unique attention to detail that only authorised Bugatti Service Partners are able to offer.”

    Want a Certified Pre-Owned Bugatti? Head over to your nearest Bugatti Service Partner now.

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