Meet the 2nd generation Toyota Aqua

Meet the 2nd generation Toyota Aqua

KUALA LUMPUR: The Aqua was first introduced by Toyota in 2011, back then it was regarded as the baby Prius as it featured a smaller 1.5-litre hybrid mill making 100 hp of power. Staying true to its name which means water in Latin, Aqua has broken the conventional image of hybrid vehicles, as it is fluid, not constrained to a particular shape or role. In the past nine years, Toyota has sold over 1.87 million units of the model with an estimated reduction of 12.4 million tons of C02.

The same car is sold under the Prius C nameplate in Japan, as it's much easier to explain to people that you are driving a mini-Prius than an Aqua. In Malaysia too the hybrid was sold as Prius C before getting discontinued in 2014 due to its expensive price tag (50% more).

Enough about the past, what we now have is the second-gen model. Like the former Aqua, the new one too is a compact car which is comfortable, safe, simple, and offers superior mileage.

 2nd generation Toyota Aqua DETAILS

2nd gen Toyota Aqua platform

The new Aqua utilises the same TNGA BA-G platform found under the new Yaris. Compared to which the hybrid is 110 mm longer with 50 mm more wheelbase. The width remains the same at 1,695 mm.

2nd gen Toyota Aqua design

One can argue that the new Aqua is Toyota’s least dramatic looking model, however its sort-after look appeal many. Compared to the previous gen-model, the new Aqua looks more evolutionary. Its vertical-oriented, black surrounded tail lights appears larger and feature a more high-tech look .

2nd gen Toyota Aqua cabin

 2nd generation Toyota Aqua CABIN

Being a hybrid-only model, the Aqua features a shift-by-wire system on the dashboard, providing more lower console storage space. Furthermore, the cabin looks more upscale than the Yaris, thanks to the soft-trimmed surfaces. It also gets the automaker's latest 10.5-inch infotainment display.

2nd gen Toyota Aqua powertrain

 2nd generation Toyota Aqua BATTERY

The Aqua benefits from the 4th gen Toyota Hybrid System which is coupled to a 1.5-litre three-cylinder Dynamic Force engine with electric motors. It also gets a new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery for energy storage.

The fuel efficiency is certified to be as high as 35.8 kmpl (under WLTP test cycle), which is just 0.2 kmpl less than the most-basic Yaris hybrid.

The new Aqua also features a few interesting bits like one-pedal driving called Comfort Pedal , high power outlet, and an Emergency Power Supply mode.

2nd gen Toyota Aqua safety specs

 2nd generation Toyota Aqua  SAFETY

The new Aqua is Toyota’s first compact car to offer - Toyota Teammate Advanced Park amd Parking Brake features.

2nd gen Toyota Aqua price

Toyota is offering the new Aqua in four variant options with the price range starting at 1,980,000 Yen (approx RM 76,000) and going all the way to 2,598,000 Yen (approx, RM 100,000).

Not to forget, Toyota is expecting to see as many as 9,800 units of Aqua per month. Do you think it’s possible? Do let’s know in the comments.

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