Toyota puts a ban on the new Land Cruiser 300 resale

Toyota puts a ban on the new Land Cruiser 300 resale

KUALA LUMPUR: Last week, a report emerged on the internet which claimed that the customers of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 are not allowed to resell their SUVs within 12 months of purchase. And the reason for this bizarre condition is that Toyota wants to avoid problems that may threaten global security.

In a more explained way, the automaker feels that the original buyers of the new Land Cruiser may resell their SUVs for a profit. These second-hand units may fall into the hands of terrorist groups who can use them for wrong purposes, given the longevity of the vehicles even in harsh conditions. As per the Creative311 report, the automaker stated, "there is a risk of violating foreign exchange law, and depending on the export destination, it may lead to major problems that threaten global security."

Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Now, a Japanese magazine Mag-X reported that the auto giant issued a formal statement on this. According to which, the company has temporarily suspended all the pre-orders of the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Because all the new buyers now have to sign a pledge first, that is not to resell the vehicle to export markets.

"In addition, the Land Cruiser is particularly popular overseas, and we are concerned about the flow of vehicles from Japan to overseas immediately after their release, as well as the possibility of them being exported to certain regions where security regulations are in place,” Toyota said.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300

"As a manufacturer that supplies vehicles, Toyota Motor Corporation, from the standpoint of compliance with laws and regulations, has alerted all Toyota dealers nationwide to the possibility of the above violation of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law in order to minimize the risk of legal violations."

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 made its debut last month and its bookings tally has crossed 22,000 pre-orders. It will go on sale in Japan next month at a price starting from 5.1 million yen (RM 196,219).

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