Tips to get your vehicle rain ready

  • Sep 10, 2018

Rains are a sight of beauty and joy. However, for vehicles, it can prove disastrous if they are not monsoon ready. We are as good as our vehicles on the road, and so for the safety of the driver and co-passengers, it is essential to follow some vital overhauling tips before the car hit the water laden streets and exposed to rain pelting sky.

A Regular Maintenance Check

car maintenance check-up

Do not postpone what can be done today for tomorrow, sounds right, but we seldom follow it. Very often we ignore the cracking engine sound or the overheating of the car. These small issues can become big when weather conditions are unfavourable. Having a car breakdown in heavy rains can cause a lot of hassles. So, get your car checked at a company authorised service station for any small glitches before they burn a hole in your pocket.

Checking On The Safety Devices

car seat belt

Modern day cars are loaded with features that ensure the safety of passengers. The airbags and seatbelts should be in a sound condition to protect you in case the weather causes havoc on the roads. In case, the seat belt is loose, or the airbags fail to open during a collision, you'll end up paying a big price for the little neglect. Thus it is vital to get them inspected before the car hits the road.

Instrument Panel

instrument panel

Many times the fuel meter and warning lights in some of the vehicles show wrong readings. This happens because of low battery conditions or another technical issue. Imagine if you are on a highway at the wee hours of the night, it is raining cats and dogs, and suddenly you are out of fuel, scary isn’t it!!! To avoid such unpleasant situations make sure that you get the right readings on the instrument panel. We suggest to get it checked for any lose circuit or faulty wire transmission.

Visibility Check

car wipers

Once in the car, the windshield, side and rear view mirror become the driver's eyes. It is thus quintessential to use good quality rubber wipers which do not scratch the glass and make them sparkling clean. Nowadays the hydrophobic windshield coating is a popular option to prevent rainwater blocking your view. This process makes the glass water resistant by creating a thin shield over it. The droplets do not stay on the glass and quickly run down. Getting this treatment before monsoons can make for a safer drive during this season.

Braking System


Brakes are undoubtedly our ultimate saviours on the road. Getting the brakes checked is crucial, as in the rainy season the tyre loses grip. Only a prompt braking system can prevent a mess from happening. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) has now become a must-have safety parameter for vehicles. The said system gives the steering manoeuvring flexibility even at the time of sudden braking, thus preventing head-on collisions. So, get the functionality of ABS checked before the onset of monsoons to avoid any mishap on the road.

Door Seal And Locks


To avoid rainwater from getting inside the car and spoil your party dress or that expensive leather seat cover. Get the rubber locks of the door checked thoroughly at a professional service station. The rubbers generally get loose or develop cracks due to heat exposure. Getting them sealed with adhesive or changed all together can be an excellent way to be rain ready.

Flash And Flood Lights


A dark sky, thunder, and lightning are synonyms for heavy rains. At such times the headlights play a crucial role in ensuring safety on roads. No one wants to get stuck on a highway or city road with the headlights or indicators not working. It can be dangerous and cause accidents as the visibility of the vehicle get compromised. So, get them checked for any issues before you set the car out on a rainy day.

Enjoy the droplets playing a musical medley or the bewitching beauty of the lush greens on the sidewalks as you glide in your car. But this magical feel will last only if your car is ready to face the monsoon challenge.


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