Aston Martin introduces new configurators for the model year 2022

Aston Martin introduces new configurators for the model year 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: As the headline suggests, Aston Martin has announced significant updates for its 2022 lineup along with an improved car configurator. Included in the list of models is the DB11, DBX, DBS, and Vantage.

We’ll be discussing each one by one, starting with the luxury grand tourer, DB11. Both the coupe and convertible version’s entry-level 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 power plant has been turned to deliver 535 PS, the same power output as the Vantage F1 Edition. Compared to the previous model, the power output is increased by 25 PS which in turn results in a higher top speed of 309 kmph (8 kmph more). Furthermore, the DB11 now gets optional Sports Plus seats that offer an additional shoulder, legs and thorax support.

Aston Martin new configurators

Aston Martin has also renamed two models to simplify the nomenclature for costumes - 2018 introduced DB11 AMR will now be known as V12 DB11, while the flagship DBS has dropped its ‘Superleggera’ tag.

What else? Well, both the Vantage and DBS now run on new 21-inch wheels, while the DBX gets bigger 23-inch units along with a wireless charger and new Sport Plus seats.

Aston Martin updates 2022

Don’t worry the cabin benefits from revisions, as Aston Martin has introduced a new series of interior trim packages - Inspire, Create, and Accelerate. Each of these cabin kits is curated to eliminate any complexity in the customer-specific journey, as it offers a combination of colours, materials and features.

As mentioned earlier, Aston Martin has also introduced a new configurator with an aim to offer its customers a more intuitive platform to personalise their vehicle. The configurator has been developed in collaboration with MHP. It is based on the Elastic Content Platform and is powered by Nvidia RTX (on Google Cloud) and Unreal Engine (by Epic Games).

Aston Martin announces updates

Its usefulness? Well, the technology will allow Aston Martin to create an ultra-high-definition 3D rendering of a car, with the ability to zoom in on the fine details. The final output can even be viewed in a cinematic video with a choice of backdrops.

Interesting, huh? Let’s know your thoughts in the comments.

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