Isuzu Malaysia makes a new sales record with a y-o-y growth of 143%

Isuzu Malaysia makes a new sales record with a y-o-y growth of 143%

KUALA LUMPUR: With the growing interest of customers in buying pickup trucks, the Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu made a new sales record in the Malaysian market. The company sold a total of 4,237 trucks from January to June this year with a whopping year-on-year growth of 143%. 


  • How many vehicles did Isuzu Malaysia sell between Jan to June 2022?

    Between Jan to June 2022, Isuzu Malaysia sold a total of 4,237 trucks with a y-o-y growth of 143%.
  • Which are the top-selling Isuzu D-Max variants in Malaysia?

    The 1.9-litre Blue Power variants are the top-selling Isuzu D-Max trims in Malaysia.
  • More interestingly, Isuzu’s 1H22 sales volume almost matches the 4,601-unit mark the brand achieved throughout 2021. Also, it moved the brand up to the third position in the pick-up truck segment.

    Isuzu D-Max

    The credit for this success goes to the recently introduced third-gen Isuzu D-Max, which redefines the way pick-up trucks look, feel and perform. It comes in a total of eight variants ranging from the hard-working Single Cab to the sophisticated and feature-packed X-Terrain. As per the automaker, all the versions of the truck come with greater capabilities and refined comfort, safety, and driving pleasure.

    The range is designed in a way that it offers users the ideal vehicle suiting their needs. Most of the variants offer 4×4 capability with a sole 4×2 automatic variant.

    Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain

    In Malaysia, the 1.9-litre Blue Power variants of the truck have been the most popular choice among enthusiasts, which contributes almost 80% to the total sales volume. Further adding to the selling records is the flagship X-Terrain variant that comprises 10% of the total mark. 

    “This is a significant achievement for Isuzu considering that it has never had a strong offering in the lifestyle segment all this while, concentrating on dependable workhorses in its earlier iterations,” says the automaker.

    Isuzu D-Max

    Isuzu’s sparkling sales record is also crucial in light of the fact that commercial vehicles were not given any kind of sales tax exemption during and post the pandemic. What are your thoughts on this, let us know in the comments.

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