Understanding Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0

Understanding Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0

The latest Perodua Axia has been received very well by the Malaysians. Out of all the new features that it has, the one which was applauded by everyone was the inclusion of Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 or ASA 2.0. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen this safety feature in a Perodua but it was indeed the first time a hatchback of the size, segment, and price as the Axia got one making it the safest car in its category.

Perodua ASA 2.0

So what exactly Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 do and how? In this article, we’ll try to explain just that.

All Perodua cars that are equipped with Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 get a set of stereo cameras located on the ceiling of the car just behind the front windscreen. These cameras play a very significant role in ASA’s proper functioning. The cameras send a live feed to the computers which make certain decisions after a thorough analysis of the feed and act accordingly. All this happens on the go and in a matter of milliseconds.

Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 has four basic functions - pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, front departure alert and pedal misoperation control.

Pre-collision warning

This system alerts the driver when it detects the risk of a frontal collision. It can detect vehicles when you are driving at a speed of 4 km/h to 80 km/h and pedestrians when the speed of the car is between 4 km/h and 50 km/h. The system warns you by sounding a buzzer and flashing ASA indicator on the MID.

Pre-collision warning

Pre-collision braking

If you don’t apply the brakes after the pre-collision warning system has warned you about the vehicle/pedestrian ahead, then the pre-collision braking system will kick in. First, this system will apply the primary brakes which are sufficient enough to slow down the car a bit. The master warning light will glow on the MID. However, if the system judges that there’s no driver input on the brakes, it will then apply the secondary brakes bringing the car to a complete stop. Once stopped, it is necessary to depress the brake pedal otherwise the car will start moving after about 1.5 seconds.

Front departure alert

Front departure alert

This system alerts the driver when the vehicle in front has moved. People usually get distracted by various reasons or don’t pay as much attention as they need to while at a red light. This safety system comes in handy in such scenarios. Front departure alert detects vehicle within 10 metres ahead of your vehicle. When the car in front moves more than 3 metres ahead, the system will sound a buzzer and ASA indicator will flash on the MID.


Pedal misoperation control

This system has been designed to suppress engine output when the driver accidentally stomps the accelerator pedal. It reduces damage from the obstacle ahead due to sudden acceleration. The stereo camera detects obstacles within 4 metres ahead of your car. When the accelerator pedal is pressed by mistake, the system suppresses the engine output and alerts the driver by sounding buzzer and warning light on the MID.

It is amazing to see how technology has developed and plays a key role in our cars. However, keep in mind that safety features like Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 are there to support drivers to mitigate an accident and not avoid it completely. Such systems have certain limitations. So it is your duty to drive responsibly and safely.

Do you know which Perodua cars come equipped with Perodua Advanced Safety Assist 2.0? Let us know in the comments.

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