Yamaha YZF-R25 - Features explained

Yamaha YZF-R25 - Features explained

Yamaha Motor Malaysia has an extensive lineup of products available that simply rises the Japanese brand above all the others in the local market. Also, the brand resides in the hearts of millions of Malaysians, and that’s hard to change. One of the most loved and popular Yamaha products is YZF-R25. This is the most affordable 249 cc machine that can get you to closest to a conventional track-focused bike. And the all-new model is just phenomenal. We must say, Yamaha Motors did a commendable job in making the YZF-R25 people’s choice, once again.

Yamaha YZF-R25 styling

The question is, how exactly Yamaha made YZF-R25 so good? We will try to explain this by discussing a few top feature changes of the Yamaha YZF-R25.


Let’s start with the bike’s powerplant. The Yamaha YZF-R25 specs sheet reveals that it is powered by a 249cc two-cylinder, 4-Stroke, 8-valve DOHC engine that produces a maximum power of 36 PS at 12,000 rpm along with a peak torque of 22.6 Nm at 10,500 rpm and comes with Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation. It is a mill that very much likes to be in the higher rev range and can do the same all day long. It is one of the most powerful mills in the category and is sure a masterpiece. Handling all horsepower is a slick 6-speed/return type transmission that comes with Slipper Clutch and an Assist. Thus the aggressive and harsh downshifting can’t get easier than this.

Yamaha YZF-R25 front & rear


The Yamaha YZF-R25 gets Hydraulic disc brakes on both the ends which allow the lightweight, supersport bike to stop in a dime. At the front, it has a dual-piston floating setup, while the rear gets single piston. While the braking performance on this motorcycle is excellent, it could have been great if Yamaha would have provided for Anit-lock Braking System.


If a bike doesn’t handle well, there’s no way it can set new lap records on the race track. And the Yamaha YZF-R25 is undoubtedly a brilliant handler. The bike gets lightweight and robust aluminium swingarm that improves handling by manifold. Then we have the superior Diamond frame which has been a part of the YZF-R25 series for a long now. Combine all these superb features with a set of grippy tyres (110/70-17 front and 140/70-17 rear) that balances and stabilizes the supersport motorcycle even in corners. Oh, and how can we forget the new inverted front forks with damping and optimized spring. It offers tremendous confidence and can handle corners without breaking a sweat very well.

Yamaha YZF-R25 side

Aerodynamic bodywork

Yamaha has put tremendous effort in designing the latest model of the Yamaha YZF-R25. And by the sheer looks of it, the bike is way better than its predecessor. The entire bodywork has been designed to serve two purposes - first, a motorcycle with to good looks and second with improved aerodynamic efficiency - and this lightweight, supersport bike excels in both of them. The riding position has been revised by Yamaha and is now more aggressive and demanding. The whole system makes you an integral part of the vehicle. Besides, the aerodynamic enhanced bodywork gives the YZF-R25 incredible high-speed stability.


The new YZF-R25 looks very much similar to its siblings. Yamaha has borrowed design cues from its higher-end sportbike models like mighty R1 and the R6. The dual LED headlamps look very sleek and aggressive, and it portrays a robust genetic look seen in the R-series. There is even an air duct located in between the headlamps with cross-layered panels which maximizes cooling airflow to the mill. The super-sporty high-rise tail section accommodates LED light. There is no doubt that the Yamaha YZF-R25 is one of the best looking vehicles in its segment.

Yamaha YZF-R25 looks

Digital speedometer

We really liked the analog tachometer of the older R25, and we were expecting Yamaha to bring something of that sorts to new R25’s instrument console. However, that didn’t happen, and things took a different turn altogether with a full-digital multi-functional system.

While the upgraded instrument cluster is better and informative, it isn’t that inspiring, especially when one’s riding it enthusiastically. It comes with a compact LCD instrument that provides the rider with all the information from gear position, real-time and average fuel economy, oil change trip meter, water temperature, and clock.

3 in 1 switch design

This might not interest many, but it is really a useful, handy, and necessary little feature. Inspired by Big Bike switch, the YZF-R25 features a three in one cut off/onboard along with a starter button. Isn’t that great?

2019 Yamaha YZF-R25 On a corner


Those were some of the top features of the Yamaha YZF-R25, and we are pretty sure they are enough to convince the buyer to have one. The Yamaha YZF-R25 price is RM 19,464, and the bike is available in two colors choices - Blue and Red. And one thing is for sure that the YZF-R25 will make the owner happy every time he rides it, however, it must be noted that it isn’t an ordinary street bike. Its aggressive riding position will, for sure take a toll on your wrists. So, beware! Nevertheless, one would neglect this and its tiny flaws as soon he/she rides it!

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