New Isuzu D-Max in high demand, avg. monthly booking doubled

New Isuzu D-Max in high demand, avg. monthly booking doubled

KUALA LUMPUR: There is an increase of over 100 percent in the average monthly booking of the all-new Isuzu D-Max with the total units coming down to 1200 units.

The all-new third-gen D-Max made its official debut back in April 2021 and from back then it has averaged around 500 units booking per month. The best past is the pickup has seen the same rising trend around the globe in Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand as well.

As per Masayuki Suzuki, Chief Operating Officer at Isuzu Malaysia, "This all-new D-Max phenomenon that has swept the various markets has been somewhat overwhelming. Needless to say, the attractive design, new and improved features and proven Isuzu reputation contributed significantly towards convincing customers to switch or upgrade to this all-new D-Max model."

Isuzu D-Max booking details

He further added, "The response to this new model has been extremely positive considering the limited opportunities prospects have had to fully experience the new model due to the strict movement controls and safety protocols. Our current aim is to ensure the smooth, safe and timely delivery of vehicles to our customers despite the various administrative and logistical concerns faced domestically and globally.”

The 2021 Isuzu D-Max is available in several trim options, however, it is the 1.9-litre Premium (Auto) model that received most bookings - around 36 percent of total orders since its official launch.

Isuzu had infused the pickup with several updates and upgrades and paired with a low yearly road tax, the 1.9 Premium model is the perfect choice for Malaysians.

The range-topping D-Max model, the X-Terrain is a complete package and features elements that set it apart from the rest models in the lineup. For instance, it gets a luxurious cabin, smart electronic driving aids, and powerful performance. Despite its RM 140k price tag, the X-Terrain model has secured a 17 percent share of the total sales volume.

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