7 Advantages of buying an electric car

7 Advantages of buying an electric car

The introduction of electric vehicles is one of the biggest transformations the automotive industry witnessed in recent times. With more than 20 auto giants aggressively investing in the EV segment and planning to go carbon-neutral, electric cars seem to be the perfect future! When compared with ICE-powered cars, they offer a range of financial, performance, and environmental benefits. In this story, we will take you through the advantages of buying an electric car.

Cheaper to run

As pure electric cars run on electricity, they do not fuel. In Malaysia, the cost of the electricity needed to charge an electric car is approximately 40% less than the cost of fuel for a similar-sized car driving the same distance. You can charge the electric car overnight at home or through public charging stations available in nearby areas. Nowadays, electric cars come with fast charging capabilities that allow them to juice up within an hour.

Electric car

Lower maintenance costs

Not only on fuel, but you can also save money on maintenance costs if buying an electric car. How? In comparison to the internal combustion engine, the electric motor has very few moving parts, which never require oil changes, new spark plugs, or fuel filters. Moreover, the mechanism of regenerative braking expands the life of brake pads. So, all these turn into lower maintenance costs and increased savings.

Local rebates and incentives

The buyers of electric cars also enjoy local rebates and incentives. The Malaysian government recently announced its rebates for electric vehicles to support the development of the local EV industry. According to that, electric cars in Malaysia will soon benefit from the complete exemption of import duty, excise duty, sales tax along with a 100% road tax exemption. An income tax relief on the cost of buying and installing or subscription payments of EV charging facilities will also be provided.

Electric car

Zero emissions and pollution

In an internal combustion engine, fuel burns inside it and released harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Sulphur Dioxide. All these are not only harmful to nature but also to the human body. The quantity of these pollutants is even higher in the case of diesel cars. While the firms are trying hard to eradicate pollutant release from the ICE, they are not yet successful. 

Electric cars serve as a solution to this problem. They do not use any kind of fuel to generate energy. Instead, they have an electric motor, which simply converts the electrical energy from a battery to rotate the wheels. So, there are no emissions and pollution and we can say that electric cars are better for our health as well as the environment.

Electric car

Easy to operate

An electric car is super convenient to drive as you need not operate gears while driving it. These are operated with just the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel. These are also safer to drive as their center of gravity is lower, which makes them more stable on the road in case of a collision. Overall, electric cars offer better handling, comfort, and responsiveness. 

Electric car

Instant torque available from standstill

Offering quick acceleration and enviable performance, electric cars are fun-to-drive. Unlike an internal combustion engine that generates peak torque after reaching a specific rpm, an electric car produces peak torque right from the standstill. It has only transmission between the wheels and the motor, thus it delivers a really high torque output.

Almost noiseless driving

The ICE-powered cars are fitted with a myriad of rotating parts that constantly keep on grinding and hitting against each other to generate power. The contact of these parts creates sound waves which can be felt as vibrations in the car’s cabin. Opposite to this, electric cars have one moving part i.e. electric motor that offers an almost silent and vibration-free driving experience.

In a nutshell, we conclude that electric cars offer a number of advantages over conventional internal combustion-powered cars. They are considered as the future of mobility.

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