Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Search for the better sedan

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Search for the better sedan

The Honda City has been one of the most successful brand names sold by the manufacturer across the globe. Each generation of the car has had something specific to offer to the audience and needless to say each one was better than the other. Almost each generation still has fans swearing by them. In our market, the Honda City is more often than not the popular choice. However, not long ago, Mazda decided to enter the fray with its Mazda 2 sedan. The Mazda 2 sedan is based on the hatchback and gets a bigger boot. We love the Kodo design language that makes the car seem smaller than it actually is. So, the all-important question today is whether one should go for the Mazda or the Honda? Dig right in for the answers.

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Exterior

Looks and interior

The Honda City is the bigger car visually and dimensionally. 4,422 mm in length vs the Mazda’s 4,320 mm. The Mazda 2 is slightly wider as well as taller. But it is closer to the ground than the City. Weight wise both the cars are less than 1,100 kg. On the top-spec, the Honda City brings with it LED headlights, LED DRLs, and tail lamp while the Mazda 2 uses LED DRLs around a projector lamp set up. The Honda City has bigger 17-inch alloys compared to the 2’s 16-inchers.

Inside, the Honda City seems bigger again. It is because of Honda’s 'Man Maximum, Machine Minimum' philosophy. All their cars are designed with the focus being on the interior space than outright designing the looks. In this aspect, the City’s seats are comfortable and by a huge margin. The Mazda 2 offers thinner seats and the front ones are very supportive. The rear though could do with a tad more leg room. Over longer journeys, the Mazda 2’s seats start to give the aches while the Honda is focussed more on comfort. There are rear AC vents in both the cars.

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Interior

In terms of creature comforts, Honda gives automatic climate control as well as a touchscreen infotainment system that can project your phone’s screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Mazda 2 offers the same things but its touchscreen system doesn’t support modern apps like the aforementioned ones. Instead, it offers a Harman music system that is definitely going to up anyone’s mood with its sound quality. The touchscreen works only when the gear lever is in P mode and the handbrake engaged.

Engines and performance

Both the cars here use a 1.5-litre engine though the one in the Mazda is a newer unit when compared with the Honda City. The Honda City has a 4 cylinders, 16 Valve, SOHC i-VTEC engine with programmed fuel injection feeding it petrol. The power output is 120 PS at 6,600rpm while the torque numbers are 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm. The engine can be ordered with a 7-speed CVT that also brings in paddle shifters.

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Engine

Mazda’s 1.5-litre engine SKYACTIV-G technology and is paired with a stop-start button as well. This engine makes 114 PS of power and 148 Nm of torque. A 6-speed torque converter called the SKYACTIV transmission transfers power to the front wheel. There are no paddle shifters being offered though. Both the cars here will go up to a maximum speed of 180 kmph with the Mazda inching towards 190 kmph. Efficiency wise you should get 17 kmpl overall with both. Refinement wise, the Mazda motor is slightly more refined whereas the Honda is more eager to rev to its redline.

Ride and handling

Both the cars here don the MacPherson struts in front and torsion beam at the back setup. However, both are tuned separately. Again the Honda is tuned more towards comfort. But then it’s handling suffers and the car’s turning prowess isn’t as accomplished as the Mazda 2. The latter is tuned to be stiffer and is a thorough driver’s car. This comes at the expense of ride quality which is noticeably stiffer. A slightly softer setup will have benefitted the Mazda 2 immensely. Mazda’s electric steering is far more wholesome than the Honda’s which feels alright in the city but a bit vague out on the highway.

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Sedan - Safety

Safety wise, one gets six airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, ABS and EBD in the Honda City. The Mazda is simpler with dual airbags, EBD and ABS. It also offers Hill Assist function.


Both the cars here are good in their own right. If you will be driving your own car and will primarily be alone, the Mazda 2 makes more sense. A chauffeur-driven family will choose the Honda City for its space and practicality. The Honda City is less expensive too at RM 73,200 while the Mazda is costlier by RM 10,000 and is available in a lone trim.

Honda City vs Mazda 2 Hatchback Comparison

Honda City
  • RM 74,191 - RM 105,950
Mazda 2 Hatchback
  • RM 100,770
City vs 2 Hatchback

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