Mazda 6 or Volvo V40 - The one above!

Mazda 6 or Volvo V40 - The one above!

Usually, when you have a certain fixed budget to play around with, a myriad of thoughts come rushing in. “What if I buy this and save money or should I just buy the best there is possible.” It is like selecting an Apple product which is a show off as well as has a brand recall. In the same vein, if you would have selected a Nokia product which has the same or better specifications than that of the Apple but at a lower price tag, you will be labelled as a miser. Happens, eh!

Mazda 6 or Volvo V40

Exactly the thought when Mustafa Ali wrote to us expressing his concern whether to go for the Mazda 6 or for a smaller yet more famous Volvo V40. The Volvo V40 price starts from RM 180,888 while the Mazda 6 price starts from RM 201,007. A close call, eh?

Body shapes

mazda 6 exterior

Obviously, one here (the Volvo V40) is a three-box while the Mazda 6 is a four-box design. They say if it's bigger, it's better. Whichever context you take it, Mustafa Ali hasn’t thought about it. Otherwise, it would have been a no-brainer. The Mazda 6, designed with the Kodo theme in mind, looks stunning, to say the least. One can say that if you were to replace the Mazda logo with that of JLR, then it wouldn’t look bad on the Mazda 6. That longish snout, plain bumper elements, 18-inch wheels and that flowing tail add allure to the design of the car.

volvo v40 front

In contrast, the Volvo V40 is more about the new Thor hammer-shaped headlights as well as a snorting nose. The Volvo V40 is something which has already started looking old. The design hasn’t aged well and perhaps a facelift could spice up things.

Inside affair

volvo v40 interior

The cabin of newer Volvos is just stunning. The waterfall console is a regular feature. In the Volvo V40 though, things are a bit dull. The wooden trim in the middle is the culprit. We like the Sensus touch infotainment system that handles everything from AC to the music as well as seat arrangement. Speaking of which, the front seats are powered. At the back though, there is less space for three. Even two passengers will have issues with the leg room. Definitely not a chauffeur driven vehicle then.

mazda 6 interior

If you’re looking at a chauffeur driven car, then the Mazda 6 makes sense. It is comparatively larger than the Volvo, has got a multi-information display with a head-up display, massaging seat for the driver, rear AC vents, dual zone climate control and more. The visibility outside the Mazda is good given that the glass area is generous. The boot space too is enormous at 600 litres. If for not the features, the Mazda will wow you with the comfort factor, something the Volvo cannot do. The Mazda 6 specifications too are a notch above that of the Volvo V40 specifications.

Engine power

The Mazda 6 has a wider range of engines - two petrol and one turbo diesel. The 2.0-litre base petrol engine makes 162 PS and 213 Nm of torque. Mazda says this one will reach a top speed of 205 kmph. If you want more power, there is the 2.5-litre petrol motor that has a peak power output of 192 PS and 258 Nm. The top speed of this one is 223 kmph. For the 2.2-litre diesel, the peak output is much lower than the petrol at 148 PS while the torque of 400 Nm is nearly double the petrol. A top speed of 223 kmph is quoted for this one. All the engines are paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

mazda 6 driving mode

There are similar numbers of powertrain options available with the Volvo V40. A turbo petrol 2.0-litre which produces 190 PS and 300 Nm, as well as a naturally aspirated 2.5-litre motor that produces 245 PS and 350 Nm, are available. The former is available with a 6-speed auto while the later comes with an 8-speed automatic. 0-100 kmph is achieved in 6.9 seconds while the top speed is 210 kmph for the lesser powered motor while the higher one does it in 6.2 seconds with a top whack of 220 kmph. A 140 PS diesel too was available once, however, it has now been discontinued.

volvo v40 side

While the Mazda may have lower power outputs, its engines are far more enthusiastic than the Volvo ’s. The fuel efficiency too is way higher. Mazda also brings in a diesel motor to the discerning customers who like the torque and efficiency it brings in

Safety tech

This is usually the bastion of Volvo's. It has collision alert, rear cross traffic alert, eight airbags, pedestrian protection, city braking as well as a plethora of safety features. The crash test ratings also have given it five stars.

mazda 6 safety

If you look at the Mazda 6 features, then you will notice that the vehicle isn’t any less either. It has got six airbags, lane departure warning, parking sensors on all ends, smart city brake support, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring and more. It is but natural that it is high on tech too.


mazdz6 side

The Mazda 6 while being higher on price is the ideal car to go for. The Volvo may give you the badge but the service is far from perfect. It also has lesser service centres than the Mazda. Mazda offers a six-year warranty with the 6 and also gives three years free service. It is far more spacious as well as efficient too. The extra RM 15,000 will be a good investment for the future.

Mazda 6 vs Volvo V40 Comparison

Mazda 6
  • RM 170,000 - RM 206,000
Volvo V40
  • RM 154,648 - RM 180,888
Mazda 6 vs V40

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